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Hendrick's Gin mignon 5 cl

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is an unusual gin created by eleven fine botanicals. The curious, but wonderful, infusions of rose and cucumber infuse our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor, resulting in an unmistakably soft and distinct gin.

Alcohol content: 44% vol.

5 cl bottle

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Recognized by the online magazine “Der Feinschmecker” as “Best Gin in Germany”.

Made from sun-ripened bitter orange peels from Schloss Johannisberg, this gin combines aromas of juniper berries with floral notes of lavender and the freshness of lemongrass. In the finish, the fruitiness of the bitter orange is clearly felt.

The exquisite "CASTLE GIN" is distilled according to London Dry Art with only natural vegetable substances and produced in small quantities.

Alcohol content: 44% vol.

Country of origin: Germany.

Format: 50 cl bottle.

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Negroni Premix Bottega

The traditional Italian cocktail, in this new version ready to be served, presents the characteristic ruby red color, with vermilion reflections, and a typical, intriguing and articulated bouquet.

It comes from aMix of three BOTTEGAproducts: Vermouth Rotto BOTTEGA + Bitter BOTTEGA + Bacur Distilled Dry Gin BOTTEGA.

The shrewd dosage of the three elements gives life to a Negroni in perfect balance between the dry conferred by gin, the dessert due to vermouth and the bittering note of bitters.

Alcohol content: 26% vol.

10 cl bottle

50cl Bottega Bacur Dry Gin

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Distilled Dry Gin Bacûr owes its unique character to the botanicals with which it is produced. Juniper berries, sage leaves and lemon peels are left to macerate for a long time in a hydroalcolic solution and then proceed to a double distillation that, purifying the liquid from any unwanted scents, allows to obtain an elegant distillate with a fine and clean bouquet. The final character of this gin, therefore, is linked to its components but its quality and complexity depend not only on the number of plants used but also on the conditions of extraction of the aromatic components from each of them.

Alcohol grade 40% vol.

50cl bottle

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Gin Primo Awarded Officina Luganesi

Gin Primo was born in Romagna from an alcoholic and loving project by Federico Lugaresi.

The need and desire to transform the scents and flavors of his land into liquid form, especially "ginosa", with a pinch of originality becomes stronger over time, until, one beautiful autumn day in 2015 A.D Thanks also to the help of his friend and fraternal adviser Gianluca, Primo's study begins.

Uniqueness, in addition to the concept of territoriality and craftsmanship, had to be an essential feature. Thus was born the inspiration to use the flavor of the sea as an innovative "Botany", with its unmistakable element ....... the salt.

As in the kitchen, salt enhances everything that accompanies it, so in Gin Primo it enhances all the aromatic plants, giving it incredible versatility in mixing and a unique and unmistakable elegance in purity.

In September 2016 (also AD) after about a year of alchemical work, "Primo" comes to light, without a caesarean, with a natural birth and as a good Romagna, immediately demonstrates a strong and sincere character.

Gin Primo has few botanicals, the right ones: there is lavender to give a floral note and because on 24 June we celebrate San Giovanni patron saint of Cesena; the santolina , which gives a bitter note to the gin; the luigia grass (lemon verbena) that brings a hint of citrus and finally the rooster of the hen house, the one without which you would not be able to call it Gin and the one on which we pushed at full throttle ......... the juniper. After so much effort, all that remains is to toast with a very fresh Gin Tonic, obviously based on Gin Primo.

Alcohol content: 43% vol.

70 cl. bottle

Bosford Gin 100cl

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Gin Bosford is a historic brand for ladle, born years ago from the William Henry Palmer Distillery from a traditional secret recipe and handed down to the present day by two English gentlemen, Mr. Collins and Mr. Briant. The fact of being 100% Made in England has allowed this product to gain the fame that has made it famous all over the world, there is no pub in the world specialized in cocktails that does not have at least one bottle, also thanks to the excellent value for money and its incredible ability to balance that identifies it as a very versatile product, excellent base for numerous cocktails.

Alcohol grade 37.5% Vol

100cl bottle

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Green Gin - The Wild handcrafted dry gin

Green Gin Bottega is a Distilled Dry Gin produced using water from the Alps and botanicals from different regions of the Italian peninsula: the balsamic notes attributable to the mountain landscape, the hints of fresh and dried vegetables characteristic of the flat areas and the typical notes of the Mediterranean bush. The botanicals are left to macerate separately and for a long time in a hydroalcoholic solution; we then proceed with a double distillation which, by purifying the liquid from any unwanted scents, allows us to obtain an elegant distillate with a complex bouquet. A gin with an unmistakable character, whose uniqueness is given by the selection of wild plants together with the freshness and aroma of lemon and mandarin.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Production area: Veneto - Italy

Format: 70 cl bottle.

Etsu Gin Handcrafted 70 cl

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Handcrafted Etsu Gin

Etsu means "pleasure" in Japanese.

With great pride they distil this fabulous gin on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan.

The main botanicals are juniper berries, bitter orange peel, licorice roots, angelica and 2 other very secret ingredients, but it is the Yuzu that gives it the characteristic yellow note. It is an ancient citrus fruit, with over 2000 years of tradition, born in China and then intensively cultivated in Japan, an ingredient that makes Etsu Gin particularly floral.

Alcohol content: 43% vol.

Bottle format: 70 cl bottle with case.

Pink 47 London dry Gin 70 cl

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Pink 47 London dry Gin

Pink 47 is a distinctive London dry gin carefully crafted in small batches with 10 botanicals from around the world. The result is a unique, full and complex taste: it is soft, with a fresh and compelling finish but without a trace of sourness.

Expertly distilled four times and at 47% alcohol by volume it is perfect for cocktails or with mixers and has won numerous international awards since its launch.

Alcohol content: 47% vol.

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Format: 70 cl bottle

Wapping Gin 100 cl

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Wapping Gin

Wapping Gin takes its name from the district of the same name located in the London Docks.

Here, centuries ago, juniper berries and other "botanicals" arrived from all over the world, the aromatic ingredients that make Gin so unmistakable.

Alcohol content: 38% vol.

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Format: 100 cl bottle

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Sabatini Gin London Dry Gin

A London Dry Gin with a Tuscan spirit

To love Tuscany and to love good Gin.

Two factors that seem unrelated to each other, to those who are not experts in this distillate, because few know that the best Ginepro, used for the production of many high quality Gins, comes from Tuscany.

Here, in Teccognano, a fraction of Cortona, in the province of Arezzo, the Sabatini, a family very attached to this land, have decided to make this relationship even closer and to raise the degree of Tuscanity of Gin. </ p>

How? Using not only juniper but also a whole series of botanicals grown mainly on the family property and in the surrounding areas, to create a London Dry Gin of excellence, expression of the terroir of origin. So it was that in 2015 the Sabatini family made up of Enrico, Filippo, Niccolò and Ugo founded Teccognano S.r.l., a family business today made up of several employees.

Alcohol content: 41.3% vol.

70 cl. bottle