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Liquorice DOC of Calabria, the historic liquorice box in Taitù tin, the Liquorice Taboos, pure liquorice Saila and the Golia.

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Galatine Milk Sperlari 24 Stick 36 g

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Galatine Milk SPERLARI

The original milk tablets, which since 1956 have driven everyone crazy!

With Italian milk, the originals since 1956


Box pack of 24 Sticks of 36 g

Golia with alpine herbs licorice 20 boxes x 49 g

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Golia with alpine herbs Licorice

Golia Herbs candies, herbal candies from nature.

Taste: Liquorice with Stevia extract, stevia is a sweetener of natural origin.

Sugar Free


Packaging: box of 20 boxes of 49 g

Haribo Cocobat 30 bags of 100g

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Haribo Cocobat

The most delicious tube there is: wrapped in a gummy layer of licorice, the soft filling with a fruity strawberry or lemon flavor gives its best.

Every moment is the right one to enjoy Cocobat licorice candies, alone or in company.

Flavour: Licorice + strawberry, licorice + lemon.

Packaging: box of 30 sachets of 100g

La Pasticca Del Re Sole liquerizia without...

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Strong liquerizia sun king's tablet

La Pasticca Del Re Sole is stuffed balsamic liquorice with an intense and unmistakable taste. Pasticca del Re Sole stuffed with balsamic licorice is for those who love the taste of liquorice that melts in the mouth.



Pack of 24 pieces of 27 g

Licorice original liquorice toffee 250 pieces

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Licorice Original Caramel Toffee with Licorice

Delicious liquorice-flavoured soft toffee candy

Taste: Licorice


Pack of 250 pieces