Crepes - Powdered preparations and accessories

Preparations in powder form for Crepes Susanna Natfood.

The Queen of Take Away!

Try the new recipe, more full-bodied and greedy. Designed to meet everyone's tastes and to offer variety of choice even to the most demanding consumers.

Prepared in bags and in the new open and close 750 g jar.

Ideal at any time of the day! Try them for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon break, they're super easy to prepare!

Powder mix for Neutral Crepe 1 kg Techfood


Premix for Neutral Crepe Techfood 

It is the most widely used preparation in the field of crêpes because it is suitable for both sweet and savory products .

It is possible to salt the neutral batter (10 gr. or half a tablespoon per liter of batter).

It is also possible to sweeten or salt directly on the cooking surface during the cooking phase in the transition from liquid to solid state during cooking, before starting the filling phase.

Packaging: 1 kg bag

    Crepes Plate Easy Natfood


    Susanna Easy Natfood Crepes Plate

    Professional crepes plate with non-stick cast iron cooking plate.

    Requires manual skills, wooden spatula for crepes included.

    It does not require detaching sprays.

    It does not smoke, does not require an extractor hood, ideal for kiosks and street food, no need to spread the preparation.

    What the kit includes:

    1 Crepes plate with wooden spatula.

    Plate dimensions:

    49 cm W x 24 cm D x 45 H

    Delivery time: 10-14 days

      Inner/Outer Trolley + Crepes Susanna Plate


      Professional steel trolley complete with roof and external closing panels and crepes plate.

      A ready-to-use kiosk, you won't need anything else to comfortably prepare street food! Complete with graphics, side panels for closing, roof, sign, professional steel top, comfortable under-the-counter compartment to stow products, plexyglass bulkhead to serve products, possibility of numerous accessories: internal refrigerator, sink, interior shelves, external shelf.

      Spacious, comfortable, with wheels and brakes for easy transport, easily disassembled, a real portable kiosk!

      Included professional plate for Crepes.

      • Pack

      Crepes plate with products included


      Crepes Plate Susanna Natfood

      Professional plate for crepes mod. Crepes Matic with double non-stick cooking plate.

      It speeds up the preparation of the crepes, just pour the batter onto the hot base, close, set the timer for about 30 seconds at 180°C, wait, a beep will warn you as soon as it's ready.

      It does not require detaching sprays.

      It doesn't smoke, it doesn't need an extractor hood, it's ideal for kiosks and street food, it doesn't need to spread the preparation.

      What the kit includes:

      1 Crepes plate with spatula and cleaning brush

      10 jars of prepared crepes classic 7800

      320 crepe holder cod. 9942

      1 bottle of hazelnut cream cod. 3705

      1 mixing jug cod. 6521

      1 whisk cod. 8566

      1 Counter Crowner cod. 8554

      10 menus cod. 9940

      You won't need anything else to start a business!

      Delivery time: 10-14 days