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Gummy Candies

Gummy candies from the best brands in your home in one click!

Chewy bulk candies, gluten-free candies HARIBO, shop for haribo online will be yours in a day.

Use our online candy store, buying gummy candies for your office, shop or food comfortably at home has never been easier! Shipping is safe and fast.

HARIBO's chewy, historic Goleador in classic double blister, honey candies Ambrosoli, DIETORELLEcandies, super gummy FRUIT JOY, Flavoraltin boxes, Unforgettable Fruittella, mou Alpenliebecandies, Lupo Alberto's gummy candies, the yummy Morositas, the entire line of Perfetti Van Mellecandies, the explosive Xplosion candy fillings, the sparkling rubberies in the shape of a Gelcopacifier, or the mini burgers of Trolli, are just some of the amazing candies that you can find on our portal!

Gecoshop is the online candy store where you can buy gummy candies from the best brands for your business and family!

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Goleador Liquorice, the double...

Availability: 16 In Stock

Goleador Liquorice

Perfetti Van Melle

The double gummy candy! The candy is soft, tasty and tasty and gluten-free!

Goleador liquorice taste

Pack of 200 pieces x 7.5 g

Haribo Polka 30 bags of 100g

Availability: 13 In Stock

Haribo Polka

Mixed gummy candies, a sachet containing various types of candies HARIBO, gummy candies, liquorice, and marshmallows.

Fruit and liquorice taste

Pack of 30 bags of 100 g

Morositas caramels gommose licorice 24 stick x...

Availability: 12 In Stock

Morositas caramels gommose Liquirizia

Soft and irresistible gums, classic and inimitable. Good, soft and tasty!

Taste: Liquorice.

Features: gluten-free.

Packaging: 24 stick box x 34 g.