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Xplosion gummy candies are yummy candies we recommend Cherry Xplosion flavor candies

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New York Black gummy candy 150 pieces

Availability: 11 In Stock

New York Black Perfetti Van Melle

Gummy candy filled with licorice.

The ideal supply to never run out!

Taste: Stuffed liquorice.

Packaging: counter box of 150 pieces

Goleador Cola Xplosion gummy candies 150 pieces...

Availability: 5 In Stock

Goleador Cola Xplosion

Gummy candies stuffed with lemon Cola aroma, soft and tasty.

Individually wrapped gummy candy.

Taste: lemon cola

150 blister x 10 g bench pack

Goleador Cherry Xplosion gummy candies pack 150...

Availability: 3 In Stock

Goleador Cherry Xplosion

Chewy candy stuffed with cherry aroma, the new Cherry Xplosion Goleador are delicious, individually wrapped and with a unique flavor.

Taste: cherry

150-piece bench pack x 10 g

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