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Kinder Ferrero chocolate snacks.

Buy the best of the Kinder world online!

Kinder Bueno, Kinder chocolate, Kinder cereals, Kinder Eggs, duplo or Kinder Maxi await you!

Why limit yourself when you can choose the maxi package!

The best Kinder snacks all can be purchased online from the comfort of your home!

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Hazelnut duplo Ferrero T1x24

€16.30 €14.67 -10%
Availability: 17 In Stock

Duplo Hazelnut Ferrero

A pleasure three times unique!

DUPLO is the chocolate bar that gives you three pleasures in one: the crunchiness of a fine wafer waffle, a soft creamy cocoa filling and the precious whole hazelnut. NUTTY DUPLO, a sequence of inimitable sensations for a pleasure... everything to discover.

Size: 24 pieces x 26 g

Availability: 16 In Stock

Kinder Bueno White

Kinder Bueno White is a snack with a delicate pleasure that combines a soft creamy hazelnut heart with the friability of a thin wafer puff; all wrapped in a delicate veil of white chocolate covered with crunchy cocoa meringue grains.

It also comes in practical individual portions: each bar is individually wrapped.

Format: Pack of 30 pieces of 43 g - T2 x 30

Availability: 15 In Stock

Kinder Country Cereals

Of course on your side!

Kinder Cereali is a snack with a unique taste that combines the deliciousness of Kinder chocolate with the simplicity of cereals. A tasty chocolate bar that contains, in a soft milk filling, the crunchiness of 5 cereals (barley, rice, wheat, slt and buckwheat) simply puffed and toasted, to be savored at every bite.

Format: 40-tablet showBox box of 23.5 g

Availability: 15 In Stock

Kinder Cards

You've never seen a cookie like that!

Kinder Cards is a very thin cookie, but at the first bite you will discover an unexpected creamy milk and cocoa filling, for a surprising taste experience. Its cocoa waffle is crunchy and does not melt, to always take it with you!

Format: 25.6g 30-piece box

Kinder Maxi 36 bars 21 g

Availability: 10 In Stock

Kinder Maxi Chocolate Bars

The simplicity of Kinder Maxi

All the simplicity of Kinder chocolate and its milk filling. Kinder Maxi has a tender and creamy heart and is prepared without coloring additives and without hydrogenated fats. It also comes in practical individual portions: each bar is individually wrapped.

Format: bench display box 36 bars of 21 g

Availability: 8 In Stock

Tronky Hazelnut Ferrero

Out crunchy, inside very soft!

From the outside you wouldn't say how greedy TRONKY is inside.

Let yourself be surprised each time by the goodness of its soft filling: a masterpiece of hazelnuts and a work of cocoa art, enclosed in a crunchy and delicate wafer.

Format: 18g 48-piece showBox box

Availability: 2 In Stock

Kinder Chocolate

The big little chocolate!

Thanks to its recipe from soft heart to milk, Kinder Cioccolato satisfies all the sweetness of the boys and at the same time reassures mothers, since it is prepared without coloring additives and without hydrogenated fats.

Each Kinder Chocolate bar is also individually wrapped in practical individual portions.

Size: T4x20 is 20 packs of 4 pieces - 80 bars of Kinder Chocolate

Net weight: 50 g per pack