Ricola Alpine herb candies.

Ricola candies, Swiss mountain herb candy sold online. Buy candies Ricola online at Gecoshop, you can find all kinds of ricola candies in all tastes and sizes. The 1 kg jars of Ricola or packs of cases in the various flavors ricola. All the Ricola are ready for delivery, fast shipping and secure payment.

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Free throat and fresh breath thanks to the strength of eucalyptus essential oil.

Eucalyptus leaves by nature contain essential oils that calm the respiratory tract and cooling symptoms. Even, Australian koalas eat almost exclusively eucalyptus leaves. The extracts of this plant joined to menthol go to reinforce the traditional mixture of 13 herbs. Eucalyptus candies guarantee fresh breath and are beneficial for the throat - not only in Australia.

Eucalyptus taste

Pack of 20 cases

Ricola original herbs 20 pieces

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Ricola Original - balsamic herbs

This classic candy has always had a rectangular shape. Its taste is familiar, pleasant and aromatic, and helps in case of cough, hoarseness and catarrh. The recipe for the original herbal sugar crystal is unchanged since 1940 and absolutely secret. However, we reveal one thing: The strength of this candy comes from the 13 herbs: horehound, burnet, veronica, marshmallow, lady's mantle, elderflower, mallow, mint, sage, yarrow, primrose, plantain and thyme.

Taste: Original Balsamic Herbs.

Packaging: box of 20 cases

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Strong taste for a feeling of widespread well-being and freshness.

A candy with a strong taste also made such by genepì, the grass that gives Ricola Erbe Alpine a fresh and decisive note. Genepì has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant to treat fever, inflammation and stomach pain. Farmers who work for Ricola cultivate it with dedication at a height of at least 1300 meters.

Alpine Herbs Taste

Pack of 20 cases

Ricola Flowers Astucci 20 pieces

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Elderberry has an amiable, floral taste, awakens the senses and has always been a grass of great importance in folk medicine. Ricola takes the flowers of this plant and combines them with harmony with the classic blend of 13 herbs, creating a lovable and balanced candy with the fresh taste of elderflowers.

Elderflower Taste

Pack of 20 cases

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Liquorice is the most classic of sweets and with its particular taste never disappoints.

Liquorice Ricola combine the special blend of 13 herbs, fine licorice and a hint of star anise, accompanying you on a journey that delights taste buds. Licorice is extracted from the roots of the liquorice plant. This candy will not only sweeten you, but also take care of your throat.

Liquorice taste

Pack of 20 cases

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The flavor of citrate mint gives the original blend of herbs a fresh Mediterranean note.

The citrus aroma of Orange Mint candies gives a slight feeling of freshness and, combined with the traditional blend of 13 herbs, accompanies us on a journey to discover the citrus and mint scents typical of warm countries. Citrate mint contains fragrant essential oils, and candy has beneficial effects in case of cough and hoarseness.

Orange and Mint Taste

Pack of 20 cases

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Ricola Glacial Action lemon and menthol

Ricola candy with mint essential oil.

13 herbs grown in the Swiss mountains, essential oil, natural menthol and a hint of lemon; these are the carefully selected ingredients for a beneficial action for breathing.

Taste: Lemon menthol - Glacial action with mint essential oil

Sugar-free, with stevia leaf extract.

Pack of 20 boxes x 50 g

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RICOLA Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant Ricola candies are great to enjoy and are good for you. What to do if the throat is irritated and the voice disappears? Enjoy herb candies Ricola without blackcurrant sugar, with their fresh, fruity flavor. With an effective calming action and an original and satisfying taste.

Blackcurrant Taste

Pack of 20 cases

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For voice, throat and moments of sweetness: lemon balm has a refreshing and calming effect.

On the palate, the fresh citric top notes, typical of lemon balm, leave room for the aromas of the mixture of 13 Ricolaherbs, which come to the aid in case of cough and hoarseness. Lemon Ricola also provides relief to the throat and helps the voice. Lemon balm, with its pleasantly fresh scent, is native to the eastern regions of the Mediterranean and has been appreciated for centuries for its calming properties.

Melissa and Limoncella taste

Pack of 20 cases

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Ricola echinacea honey and lemon

Supports the immune system.*

The honey in Ricola lemon and echinacea honey candies comes from fair and sustainable production. Like all Ricola products, the herbs are grown in the Swiss mountains according to natural principles, without the use of chemical pesticides. Initially characterized by a delicately aromatic taste sensation, the candy finally unfolds a sensation of honey warmth in the mouth. Thanks to its ingredients, Echinacea Honey Lemon is the ideal companion for the cold winter months. *Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Taste: Echinacea, honey and lemon.

Features: With 13 herbs, with honey, with vitamin C, from natural cultivation, gluten-free, lactose-free.

Package: box of 20 cases x 50 g

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Ricola Strong Mint Glacial Action

The candy Ricola strongest ever!

There are days when you feel in a bubble, and even the smallest actions seem insurmountable. How can you improve your day? Take a deep breath!

Ice Action Ricola not only gives you a breath of freshness, but also a feeling of free nose thanks to a high concentration of "powerful" and natural ingredients, such as menthol.

Enjoy life to the fullest Ricola Glacial Action!

Taste: Strong Mint - Glacial Action with Mint Essential Oil

Sugar-free, with stevia leaf extract.

Pack of 20 cases x 50 g

Ricola pine resin box 10 boxes x 50 g

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Ricola Pine Balm

Balsamo di Pino is a refreshing candy, a real treat for the mouth and throat. It has an aromatic taste thanks to the mix of selected ingredients: the precious 13 Ricola herbs and the essential oils of pine, eucalyptus and menthol. The fresh and pleasant note lasts in the mouth for a long time for a balsamic and emollient effect. A naturally refreshing taste that, when tasted, will transport you to a mountain path and delight you with its beneficial goodness.

Flavor: Pine balsam.

Sugar-free, with stevia leaf extract.

Pack of 10 cases x 50 g