Riso Scotti Rapid

Riso Scotti - Natfood Rapid cooking

From the collaboration Natfood and Riso Scotti a range of pre-cooked rices and cerealsis born, healthy, tasty and modern. Ideal for the preparation of salads and first courses.

They cook directly in the microwave bag, injust 2 minutes.

The healthy alternative to ready meals, delicious, without preservatives and gluten-free with theexception of rice with cereals and legumes.

The taste is pure rice, each of the 5 references retains its typical characteristics:

  • Basmati rice:fragrant, with a very white and long grain.
  • Brown rice: witha delicate taste, rich in fiber.
  • Black rice:source of fiber and low glycemic index.
  • Ermes red rice:high in vegetable proteins and mineral salts.
  • Rice with cereals and legumes:a source of fiber and a balanced taste.

The special seasoning completesthe proposal: a mix of tasty vegetables in sunflower oil, in a glass jar. Created only with high quality chosen ingredients.

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