The Bottega.

Distillates made with artisan care and attention to the choice of raw materials, to find in the bottle the same authenticity, flavors and scents of nature. Grappas enclosed in original bottles of blown collectible glass.

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Aldo white grappa BOTTEGA 43% 1 Liter

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Aldo Bottega Grappa Bianca

It is dedicated to Aldo BOTTEGA who in 1977 founded the Distilleria Bottega. Son of art and master distiller, he learned among the stills the secrets of the distillation of pomace, a precious raw material used for the production of grappa. Aldo BOTTEGA is a transparent and crystalline distillate that is characterized by personality and organoleptic intensity.

Young Grappa

Alcohol grade 43% vol

1 liter bottle

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Grappa storica nera Domenis 1898

Unquestionable excellence, the result of the mastery achieved by our distillers over the course of more than a century of experience. Refined and elegant, for those who ask for refinement of aromas and long persistence. For connoisseurs who know how to indulge in the slow pleasures of life.

Grappa with a limpid and crystalline appearance, it has a rich and fine nose, rigorous in its scents. Harmonious aftertaste and characterized by a round and balanced bouquet.

Alcohol content: 50% vol.

50 cl bottle with case.

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Sandro Bottega aged grappa smoky

The Sandro Bottega Fumé is a selection of Prosecco grappa aged in oak barrels subjected to a special wood smoking process.< br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" />The name Prosecco immediately brings to mind the wine known throughout the world. From the yellow-green berries of the Glera vine, perfumed pomace is obtained which, still fresh and vinous, is distilled according to the Sandro Bottega method. The resulting grappa is left to mature for a long time in fire-smoked barrels. This delicate procedure increases the aromatic charge of the barriques, which give the distillate its typical amber color and pleasant hints of smoked wood.

Alcohol content: 38% vol

Bottle: splendid 300 cl bottle with tap

Grappa Aldo Bottega barricade 43% 1 liter

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Grappa Aldo BOTTEGA Barricade

It was Aldo BOTTEGA in 1977 who founded the Distilleria Bottega. Son of art and master distiller, he learned among the stills the secrets of the distillation of pomace, a precious raw material used for the production of grappa. The Aldo BOTTEGA Barricata, thanks to the skilful aging in oak barrels, is characterized by its amber color, full flavor and spicy scents.

Alcohol grade: 43% vol.

1 liter bottle 100 cl

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Grappa Blend distilled BOTTEGA

Grappa Young BOTTEGA

Distilled blending is BOTTEGA from a sophisticated blend of grapes with a remarkable organoleptic heritage. The pomace, healthy and still mustose, are distilled in three stages implemented at different temperatures in traditional copper stills, which allow vacuum processing (greater protection of aromas) and in which heating takes place in a bain-marie (indirect and therefore more delicate system).

Alcohol content: 38% vol.

70 cl bottle with case

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Chianti grappa in BOTTEGA

Original glass flask, stuffed according to the centuries-old Italian tradition. In the peasant world it is a symbol of love for nature and for genuine things. Chianti is the famous Tuscan red wine, obtained from the skilful blend of local grapes. The grappa, produced with the pomace of the grapes that generate this wine, reproduces, in the guise of distillate, the characteristics of Chianti itself. Distillation takes place in a copper still, by means of a flow of steam, which passes through the pomace, retaining its aromas and alcoholic parts

Alcohol content: 38% vol.

50 cl bottle

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First taste from grape aquavite must BOTTEGA

Grape spirit is obtained by distilling fermented must in the presence of skins, so both the solid part and the liquid part of the grapes are used. Chiara, fresh and elegant, the First Taste of grape BOTTEGA is produced from healthy bunches rich in must, a precious raw material with a great aromatic charge. It stands out for its roundness, softness and refined and captivating aromas.

Alcohol grade: 38% vol.

50 cl bottle

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Grappa blend barricaded BOTTEGA

Cabernet and Merlot grappa. Slender and elegant, it is characterized by the amber color of the content. The combination of cabernet and merlot pomace gives rise to a round, full-bodied, important grappa. Steam distillation, developed by BOTTEGA, enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes of the two vines. This grappa is aged for about 12 months in barriques, where it acquires the hints of vanilla and the characteristic amber color.

Alcohol content: 38% vol.

70 cl bottle with case