The Bottega.

Distillates made with artisan care and attention to the choice of raw materials, to find in the bottle the same authenticity, flavors and scents of nature. Grappas enclosed in original bottles of blown collectible glass.

Grappa Sandro Bottega server 300 cl


Sandro Bottega Grappa

Grappa, the oldest and most traditional distillate of Northern Italy, is obtained starting from the solid residue of the pressing of wine grapes. The accurate distillation of the pomace allows to extract and enhance the unique characteristics contained, in particular, in the skins which are the seat of the aromatic components. La Sandro Bottega is a product with a great personality that features an elegant and captivating packaging: a bottle with a delicate shape that recalls a drop of grappa at the time of distillation

Alcohol content: 38% vol

Format: 300 cl bottle with tap.

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Fumè Bottega aged grappa 300 cl


Sandro Bottega aged grappa smoky

The Sandro Bottega Fumé is a selection of Prosecco grappa aged in oak barrels subjected to a special wood smoking process.< br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" />The name Prosecco immediately brings to mind the wine known throughout the world. From the yellow-green berries of the Glera vine, perfumed pomace is obtained which, still fresh and vinous, is distilled according to the Sandro Bottega method. The resulting grappa is left to mature for a long time in fire-smoked barrels. This delicate procedure increases the aromatic charge of the barriques, which give the distillate its typical amber color and pleasant hints of smoked wood.

Alcohol content: 38% vol

Bottle: splendid 300 cl bottle with tap

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OF ligneum aged grappa and linden honey 70 cl


OF Ligneum grappa with lime honey

The unmistakable character of OF ligneum Miele di Lime comes from the union of a lively and intense aged grappa, characterized by notes attributable to hints of ripe red fruit and spicy tones, with the particular balsamic tones of Italian lime honey.

The result is a satisfying and inimitable combination of softness, roundness and body.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Format: 70 cl bottle with case.

    Grappa Sarpa di Poli 70 cl


    Grappa Sarpa di Poli

    Young grappa Polivitigno®, distilled with flowing steam. Its aroma is reminiscent of a basket of red grapes and forest fruit, adorned with a rose.

    Sarpa, the bridge between the past and the future.

    This Grappa was conceived in 1983 but it took a few years for it to see the light.

    They had the goal clear in mind: a Grappa that contained the aromas of Tradition, without however having the typical defects of the Grappas of yesteryear, pungent, aggressive and oily. It had to be an authentic, sincere, genuine Grappa, what today I would define a classic Grappa. Furthermore, it had to be a bridge between the Grappa of the past and that of the future, representing the present of Grappa in its best typicality. It took time to understand which grape varieties to use and after various tests they turned to the timeless Bordeaux blend, that blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that gave rise to the best wines in the world, those of Bordeaux.

    Alcohol content: 40% vol

    70 cl bottle

      Domenis Historic Black Grappa 1898 50 cl


      Grappa storica nera Domenis 1898

      Unquestionable excellence, the result of the mastery achieved by our distillers over the course of more than a century of experience. Refined and elegant, for those who ask for refinement of aromas and long persistence. For connoisseurs who know how to indulge in the slow pleasures of life.

      Grappa with a limpid and crystalline appearance, it has a rich and fine nose, rigorous in its scents. Harmonious aftertaste and characterized by a round and balanced bouquet.

      Alcohol content: 50% vol.

      50 cl bottle with case.

        Grappa melon Valle del Marta 70 cl


        Grappa of marc flavored with melon Valle del Marta

        Very harmonious, straw color, clear, it is refined in small stainless steel barrels, the aftertaste leaves a transparent hint of ripe melon.

        Alcohol content: 30% vol.

        50 cl bottle

          Tarquinia bitter with herbs traditional recipe 70 cl


          Tarquinia bitter with herbs traditional recipe from Valle del Marta

          Tarquinia liqueur of the peasant tradition, prepared with a cold hydroalcoholic infusion of 20 different herbs grown and harvested in the Marta Valley in Tarquinia.

          Bitter, with a pleasant taste, also suitable with the addition of ice, water and a bitter orange peel as a thirst-quenching drink.

          The herbal compound makes it an excellent digestive after meals.

          Awards and recognition:

          • 111 classified World Spirits Competition San Francisco 2020

          Alcohol content: 30% vol.

          Bottle: Elegant 70 cl clear glass

            Grappa Tarquinia aged reserve excellence 70 cl


            Grappa Tarquinia aged reserve excellence Valle del Marta

            After the distillation of the marc, the Tarquinia Excellence grappa is immediately planted in wooden barrels for a minimum of 36 months up to 72 months. The long aging makes the grappa soft, warm and caressing and balanced.

            The straw yellow color recalls the color of wood, which in turn enriches the aromas with a slight aftertaste of tobacco.

            Awards and recognition:

            • 11th place World Spirits Competition San Francisco 2020

            Alcohol content: 40% vol.

            Bottle: Elegant 70 cl clear glass

              I love Italy white grappa BOTTEGA 20 cl


              I love Italy Grappa Bianca Bottega

              Soft grappa, produced according to tradition, collecting fresh pomace from highly suited areas and subsequently distilled in the characteristic copper stills where a slow flow of steam collects the best perfumes and aromas that give life to a fruity grappa with a taste soft, fine and harmonious.

              Alcohol content: 38% vol

              20 cl bottle

                Grappa Sarpa Oro di Poli 70 cl


                Grappa Sarpa Oro di Poli

                Patiently kept in the underground cellars of the Distillery, Sarpa Oro di Poli is obtained by distilling vine pomace with a floral and delicately herbaceous aroma, including Merlot and Cabernet. "Sarpa" in Venetian dialect means "marc".

                Alcohol content: 40% vol.

                70 cl bottle

                  Grappa 903 barrique 70 cl Bonaventura Maschio


                  Bonaventura Maschio la Grappa 903 barrique

                  Barricaded grappa with an amber color with a delicate scent, spicy with notes of ripe fruit. Soft and balanced taste, of great persistence.

                  Alcohol grade: 40% vol.

                  70 cl bottle

                    Grappa 903 typical 70 cl Bonaventura Maschio


                    Bonaventura Maschio the typical Grappa 903

                    White grappa of transparent color with an intense, fruity and floral scent, with notes of apple and aromatic herbs. Taste, full and complex.

                    70 cl bottle