Ginseng Gin-co Natfood in barattoli

Ginseng Natfood Gin-co

Online sale of 900g and 500g jars of Ginseng Gin-co Gin-co Decaffeinated Gin-co Light and Gin-co Light Deca

Buy Ginseng Natfood Ginco single-dose sachets for your home and office, from 2018 Gin-co Natfood is available in comfortable Feel The Aroma capsules by Natfood compatible for DolceGusto machines in numerous variants

Ginco, Classic Gin-co, Sugar-Free Ginseng Light, Ginseng Decaffeinated, Ginseng Decaffeinated Without Light Sugar, Gin-co with Ginger, Ginco with Ginger, Gin-co Ginseng Ginger, Ginseng and Turmeric, Ginseng and Chili Pepper, Ginseng and Grape Sugar and Ginseng and Cocoa

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Ginseng Gin-co 900g jar Natfood

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Ginseng Ginco Natfood

The original ginseng, excellence in ginseng drinks: energy, creaminess, intense taste and pleasant caramelized aroma.

The only and inimitable ginseng drink designed by Natfood for the Italian market.

900g jar

Ginseng Gin-co deca 900g jar Natfood

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Ginseng Gin-co deca Natfood

Ginseng decaffeinated Natfood, the real Ginseng Gin-co Natfood in decaffeinated version, for those who want to drink a good ginseng without the negative effects of caffeine, also suitable for the evening hours of the day!

Caffeine-free, Lactose-free, Gluten-free.

900g jar

Ginseng Gin-co light deca 500g jar Natfood

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Gin-co Light Deca Natfood

The Decaffeinated Ginseng Light by Natfood, the same taste as the classic Gin-co but with less sugar (70% less) and without the effect of caffeine, to enjoy it at any time of the day even in the evening!

Decaffeinated Ginseng drink with less added sugar.

Packaging: 500 g bag (NO JAR)

Availability: 81 In Stock

Gin-co Light Ginseng Natfood

The unmistakable taste of Gin-co but with 70% less sugar than traditional Gin-co.

The unique taste of Gin-co even for those who prefer a drink with a less intense sweet note.

Zero grams of sucrose, 1.05 g of glucose syrup.

Gluten-free, lactose-free, without hydrogenated fats.

Packaging: 500 g bag

Availability: 20 In Stock

Gin-co liquorice Ginseng Natfood

A pleasant moment of taste, a charge of energy, with a strong liquorice flavour.

High quality ingredients, with liquorice extract. A tasty ginseng-based drink, gluten-free, hydrogenated fat-free and lactose-free to satisfy all consumers, even those most attentive to well-being and those with food intolerances.

Features: Gluten-free, lactose-free, without hydrogenated fats.

Packaging: 500 g bag

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Gin-co coffee with ginseng original Natfood

The original ginseng, excellence in ginseng-based drinks: energy, creaminess, intense flavor and pleasant caramelized aroma.

The unique and inimitable ginseng drink created by Natfood for the Italian market.

Taste: Original.

Packaging: 3 kg jar

Ginseng Gin-co red in Nescafè Dolce Gusto...

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Ginseng Gin-co red Natfood

The real Ginseng Gin-co Natfood with red ginseng extract.

Red ginseng comes from six years of root maturation. The roots are harvested white, washed, steamed with a flow of hot air, dried and cured for 6 years, their surface becomes firm and glassy.

Features: Gluten-free, lactose-free, hydrogenated fat-free.

Compatibility: Nescafé Dolcegusto machine.

Packaging: box of 30 pieces.