The famous Chupa Chups licks Lollipop licks in the historic multi-taste wheel and the striped Ciuccis so loved by children.

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Tris lollipop rainbow 32x 30 g Rossini's

Availability: 31 In Stock

Tris Rossini's Rainbow lollipop

The iconic, beautiful, big, tasty lollipop. Delicious lollipops, children will go crazy.

Taste: fruit.

Packaging: Display 32 x 30 g.

Rossini Tornado Rainbow Pinwheel Lollipop 36 x...

€45.54 €38.71 -15%
Availability: 20 In Stock

Rossini tornado rainbow lollipop

Tornado swirl lollipops are colorful sweets that offer a unique taste experience. These spiral-shaped lollipops come in an eye-catching and attractive counter display, perfect for any retail outlet.

Each pack contains 36 lollipops of 40 g each, with a diameter of 8 cm, which fit perfectly in the hands of young and old. The rainbow color scheme brings a touch of cheer and lightheartedness to these lollipops, making them perfect for celebrating any special occasion. The sweet and delicate taste of these swirl lollipops will make the heart of any candy lover beat faster.

Taste: fruit

Package: 36 x 40 g display.

Availability: 10 In Stock

Chupa Chups The Best Of Wheel from 200 lollipops

Lollipop wheel chupa chups

Chupa Chups is much more than just lollipop! For over half a century, Chupa Chups has been part of everyday life thanks to its world of colors, taste and fun.

The chupa chupa so loved by children

Flavours: Strawberry, orange, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, cola, cream, strawberry

Format: Pack of 200 Lollipop

Availability: 12 In Stock

Rossini Unicorn lollipop swirl

The Rossini lollipops with unicorn decorations are an explosion of color and imagination. With their pinwheel shape, they recall childhood and create a playful and fun atmosphere.

The unicorn themed sugar decoration makes them perfect as a gift for children or as a sweet surprise for any special occasion. Weighing 60g and with a counter display of 24 pieces, these lollipops are the perfect solution to color your life with flavor and joy.

Taste: fruit

Package: Display 24 x 60 g.

Unicorn pop twist strawberry Johnny Bee 24 x 50 g

Availability: 10 In Stock

Unicorn pop twist strawberry Johnny Bee

Lollipop in the shape of a twist stick with the colors of the unicorn.

Flavors: strawberry.

Pack of 24 pieces of 50 g

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