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Beer Corona

Beer Corona Extra

The low fermentation Mexican Lager beer symbol of celebration and carefreeness! Just a bottle of Beer CORONA, a slice of lemon or lime and it is immediately summer.

The main ingredients CORONA are water, barley malt, maize, rice and hop extract. Among these are precisely the addition of rice and maize that give that sweetness and at the same time dryness typical of the product. The taste is thus slightly bitter and with a slight hoppy aftertaste.

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Corona Extra pack of 24 bottles of 33 cl

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Beer Corona Extra

The Corona Extra is the most quintessential queer beer. It must be drunk strictly from the bottle and, as the Mexican tradition dictates, with a slice of lime tucked into the neck to refresh its taste. The CORONA is a bright straw yellow lager that generates a thin and evanescent foam. On average alcoholic and rather effervescent, it is a beer with a light body and a delicate taste: the fruity notes and hops are barely hinted at. After the sip you can appreciate a slight herbaceous aftertaste.

Alcohol content 4.6% vol.

Pack of 24 bottles of 33 cl