Candy with children's toys

The funniest candy ever! Cute toys with candies inside, your children will be spoiled for choice, fantastic to amaze friends, ideal for parties and birthday parties.

Heart Unicorn Lolliboni Johnny Bee 24 x 16 g


Heart Unicorn Lolliboni

A nice plastic heart containing 1 lollipop, 1 ring, 1 stickers, 1 3D card.

Flavors: lemon, strawberry, orange, bubble gum, apple.

Packaging: 24 pieces x 16 g

    Party balloon halloween popping candy 16 x 8 g


    Party balloon halloween party

    Don't be caught unprepared as Halloween is approaching, amaze everyone with these wonderful tea bags!

    Each sachet contains 4 popping candies and 2 balloons in the shape of very funny Halloween monsters! You will become the king of the party!

    Flavors: strawberry.

    Packaging: 16 pieces x 8 g

      Dr. Lab mini candy Johnny Bee 80 x 16 g


      Dr. Lab mini candy stand

      Lots of small transparent boxes with delicious fruit candies.

      Flavors: Lemon and raspberry, lemon, orange, green apple and strawberry, mint, tropical and orange.

      Packaging: 80 pieces x 16 g

        Light-up toothbrush pop 24 x 5 g


        Toothbrush-shaped lollipops and lolliboni sparkling powder

        Delicious lollipops with sparkling powdered candy.

        Flavors: apple, strawberry, blueberry.

        Packaging: Display 24 x 5 g

          Boom spray Johnny Bee 12 x 50 ml


          Boom spray Johnny Bee

          Try the spray liquid candies, 3 delicious flavors: strawberry, raspberry and apple in the cute hand grenade-shaped box!

          Pack of 12 pieces of 50 ml.