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Willy Waffle Natfood - Preparation and accessories.

The waffle maker that amazes everyone!

Prepared the powder and accessories suitable for consumption on the go. Paper trays and wooden stick.

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Powder mix for Waffle and Gaufre Techfood

This mix faithfully reproduces an authentic Belgian recipe, homeland of the very famous "Gaufres", in English "Waffles".

A biscuit with an unmistakable aroma of vanilla and fruit, slightly crunchy on the surface that is usually served take away, filled with chocolate creams, jams or "nature" with powdered sugar.

In the stick version, in ice cream parlors, it can be filled with ice cream and treated with a covering of chocolate.

Packaging: 1 kg bag.

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Plate for Willy Waffle Natfood + products Natfood

Professional plate for Willy Waffle with double non-stick cooking plate.

Speed up the preparation of the Willy Waffle, just pour the batter on the hot base, add the stick, close, press the button of the timer, wait, a beep will warn you just ready.

No need for detachment spray.

It doesn't smoke, it doesn't need suction hood, ideal for kiosks and street food, you don't need to lay the preparation.

What includes the kit:

1 Plate for Willy Waffle + 20 prepared jars (320 servings) + 100 Sac a few + 360 portawaffle + 360 stains + 1 waffle port + 10 menu + 1 steel whip + 1 mixing carf.

Delivery time: 3-7 days

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Dedicated post for Willy Waffle Natfood

A ready-to-use kiosk, you will need nothing else to comfortably prepare street food! Complete with graphics, side panels for closing, roof, signboard, professional steel top, comfortable underwood for storing products.

Spacious, comfortable, with wheels and brakes for easy transport, easily removable, a real portable kiosk!

Size: 115 L x 75 P x 240 H.

Kit equipment: Steel trolley complete closing walls and teaches cod: 9929 with graphics willy waffle cod. 8736