Willy Waffle Natfood - Preparation and accessories.

The waffle maker that amazes everyone!

Prepared the powder and accessories suitable for consumption on the go. Paper trays and wooden stick.

Plate for willy waffle Natfood

Plate for willy waffle Natfood


Willy Waffle Natfood Plate

Professional plate for Willy Waffle with double non-stick cooking plate.

Speed up the preparation of Willy Waffles, just pour the batter on the hot base, add the stick, close, press the timer button, wait, a beep will alert you as soon as they are ready.

It does not require detaching sprays.

It does not smoke, does not require an extractor hood, ideal for kiosks and street food, no need to spread the preparation.

What the kit includes:

1 Plate for Willy Waffle

Delivery time: 3-7 days

    Sac à poche Willy waffle 100 pezzi

    Sac à poche Willy waffle 100 pezzi


    Sac à poche Willy waffle 100 pieces

    Sac à Poche professional anti-slip.

    Ideal for creams and thick pastes such as willy waffles.

    Phthalate-free, suitable for food contact. Thickness 70 microns.

    Pack of 100 pieces.