French and baked fries of the best brands ideal as a nibble, to serve at the aperitif or to eat at home to your favorite TV series!

We sell the best chips on the market, you will find PATAchips, Lay's sponsor UEFA Champion Leaguechips,Fonzieschips with a unique taste of cheese, tasty Pringles in all tastes and in two tube sizes, the famous Yonkersring chips, CIPSTER chips and brand new chips containing surprise Salati Preziosi ideal for making themed parties for your boys with their favorite characters!

Lay's Doritos Cheetos chips floor display 8 flavors 124 sachets


Lay's Doritos chips and floor standing Cheetos totem

Display stand 8 flavors from the ground


20 sachets of Lay's Classic Chips of 44 g

20 sachets 37 g Lay's Xtra Crunchy Barbecue Chips

20 sachets 44 g Lay's Gusto Campagnole Potato Chips

20 packets Lay's Sweet Paprika Chips

10 sachets of Doritos Tex-Mex Chips of 44 g

10 sachets of Doritos Chilli chips of 44 g

12 sachets Cheetos Rizos Crisps of 30 g

12 sachets of Chips Cheetos Pelotazos fotebolas of 32 g

    Salted fonzies ground chips display 116 pieces


    FONZIES & YONKERS Expo floor

    Fonzies crisps, the crispy cheesy-flavored non-fried corn snack!

    Yonkers the non-fried cheese snack with the characteristic ring shape, so loved by children.

    In a single mixed display!

    Cardboard counter display of fonzies and yonkers chips

    Contains 116 packets of chips: Fonzies 40 g, Yonkers 30 g, Cipster and Tuc Crisp.

      Lay's chips sweet paprika flavor 20 sachets x 44 g


      Bacon Lay’s chips

      Crispy Lay's ® with the delicious flavor of Bacon. A taste to be discovered, dedicated to curious palates. With their delicious crunchiness they go well with a Sunday brunch with friends or an aperitif in style.


      Showbox pack of 20 sachets x 44 g

        Pandal minvita Amica Chips 8 x 300 g


        Pandal Minvita Amica Chips

        Classic fried potato in the unmistakable 300 g bag, fried with only sunflower oil, gluten-free.

        Packaging: Box of 8 bags of 300 g

          Lay's Mediterranean Chips 20 sachets x 42 g


          Lay's Mediterranean Chips

          Crunchy Lay's® chips with a delicious Mediterranean flavor. A simple taste, only potatoes, oil and sea salt. With their delicious crunchiness they go well with a Sunday brunch with friends or an aperitif with style.

          Taste: Classic.

          Gluten free, with olive oil.

          Showbox of 20 sachets x 42 g

            Pringles pizza flavour 12 pieces of 40 g


            Pringles Pizza taste

            Did you know that pizza makes people happy just like Pringles? Pringles Pizza are ideal to give a new taste to your snack moment.. Tasty, irresistible and fun, Pringles Pizza, not only eat them... you have fun!

            Pack of 12 tubes of 40 gr