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Candy SPERLARI Club and Mini Club

Candies SPERLARI club and mini club balsamic candies with eucalyptus oil for the nose and throat. These balsamic candies produce an immediate refreshing and antiseptic effect, suitable in particular to improve breathing but also to perfume the breath.

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Sperlari Club forte candies

Eucalyptus essential oil, menthol and natural flavors give each Sperlari Club candy a refreshing balsamic flavor, a strong and long-lasting flavor.


Format: 3 kg bag of classic sperlari club candies

Galatine Milk Sperlari 24 Stick 36 g

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Galatine Milk SPERLARI

The original milk tablets, which since 1956 have driven everyone crazy!

With Italian milk, the originals since 1956


Box pack of 24 Sticks of 36 g

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Gran Gelées SPERLARI® Candies Red Fruits

Irresistible gelées candies to enjoy in a couple of bites, with an intense fruit flavor: cherry, blackberry, raspberry and wild strawberry, for an incredible explosion of taste in all shades of red!

Irresistible gluten-free candies, to be enjoyed in a couple of bites and with an intense fruit flavor: here is Gran Gelées.

1 Kg bag

Attention image for illustrative purposes, the envelope sold is transparent and has the label applied