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Messina Beer

Birra Messina, the beer of the historic messina plant that since 2013 thanks to 15 courageous entrepreneurs has returned to produce and innovate with the delicious Beer Special Recipe with Salt Crystals of the Seas of Sicily.

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Birra Messina Special Recipe Cash Salt Crystals...

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Birra Messina Special Recipe Salt Crystals

It is a golden beer, fresh and pleasant, characterized by the presence of a special ingredient, the salt crystals of Sicily, which give this recipe softness, roundness and finesse of taste. We did it with the care and passion of all time. Taste it, we made it for you!

Pure malt lager

Alcohol content 5%

Cardboard case of 24 bottles of 33 cl

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Messina beer classic recipe

This is the classic recipe , made with the usual care and passion and with the best ingredients, selected by the master brewers of the Massafra brewery. La Messina Classic recipe with a bright golden color, fine and compact white foam, very refreshing with a dry finish, with a balanced bitterness. Malty and hoppy aroma typical of a lager.

Typology: lager

Alcohol content: 4.7% vol.

Cardboard case of 24 bottles of 33 cl

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