Soluble barley

Barley in pods and Orzeus Natfood soluble barley for dispensers.

Orzeus soluble barley Capsules compatible Nescafè Dolce Gusto Natfood


Orzeus soluble barley Natfood

Delicious soluble Barley Drink.

Natfood offers this delicious drink in comfortable DolceGusto compatible capsules, today it is no longer a problem to drink a delicious cup of Barley in the office or in the house as good as that of the bar! The alternative to coffee for those who do not like to take caffeine during the day!

Compatibility Nescafè DolceGusto

30 capsule pouch box x 90 g

    Nestlè soluble barley 200g bag


    Nestlè BARLEY

    Soluble barley 100% Barley and 100% Natural

    Exclusive Recipe

    for professional use

    Perfect for use in the car

    200g bag

      Orzeus Cereals Soluble Barley and Cereals Natfood 200 gr bag.


      ORZEUS CERALI Natfood

      Soluble barley with professional cereals suitable for use in machines supplying hot drinks.

      Soluble barley and cereals

      Envelope of 200 gr.

        Mix Organic Cereals in Nescafè Dolce Gusto compatible capsules Natfood


        ORGANIC cereal mix

        A concentrate of taste deriving from the encounter between barley, malt, rye, chicory and figs. Caffeine-free, suitable for everyone, at any time of the day. Organic drink

        POUCH 30 Capsules Compatible DolceGusto

        Packaging Type: BOX

        Shelf life: 24 months

        Box pieces: 30

          Crem Express Barley Waffles Pack of 30 waffles


          Crem Express Barley

          Barley in Waffles

          The natural way to drink Espresso!

          Our strength has always been innovation.

          Orzocrem espresso was the first in filter waffle for espresso machine, the first ground and expertly dosed in four different grain sizes, the first packaged in polythene paper, the first proposed in the practical pouch case.

          Barley world toasted and ground in clalda pre-dosed 6g filter for a natural result.

          Pack Pouch case of 30 waffles

          Net weight 180g