Herbal teas and infusions

Herbal teas and infusions Natfood and Dilmah.

The selection of herbal teas and Natfood completely natural and organic since 2019 with recycled paper filters to give the consumer a product

Wide range of natural herbal teas composed of a mix of herbs dedicated to psychophysical well-being.

Nine references rich in taste and beneficial properties. Certified by the Ministry of Health as Dietary Supplements. Each herbal tea is a prodigious phytotherapy elixir, with special features for the needs of each customer.

Biological infusions composed of a single essence, technically monoherba, and coming from organic agriculture, therefore natural. Unique quality, pure and unmistakable flavor. Each infusion has its own personality and beneficial property. The range includes three references each with properties specific to personal well-being and care.

They meet modern consumption and are the ideal offer for afternoon and evening breaks.

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Angelica pistachio coffee vitality herbal tea

Pistachio combines with coffee to give a strong and sweet taste at the same time, creating the perfect balance!

The new line ofEmozioni al Caffè herbal teas is a surprisingly new and unique way of tasting the unmistakable notes of coffee.

Deriving from the grinding and infusion of Coffea seeds, Coffee is a natural energizer rich in benefits with a unique scent. L'Angelica chooses ingredients with a refined and delicious flavor to pair with coffee, for a surprising emotion!

Packaging: box of 15 filters.

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Cocoa, coconut and caramel herbal tea

Cocoa emotions, tone and charge.

A combination of sweetness and taste characterizes the Cocoa & Coconut Herbal Tea Caramel. A meeting between the precious cocoa, the unmistakable scent of coconut and the sweetness of caramel, for a tasty relaxing break! Also excellent in milk, try it for breakfast!

Packaging: box of 15 filters

Availability: 10 In Stock

Cold infused blackberry and pomegranate smoothie

Cold infusion with real fruit.

Taste and Wellbeing, quench your thirst with the smoothie that combines the sour and delicious taste of blackberry with the sweet and refreshing taste of pomegranate. With a tin note that makes the drink soft and enveloping. A true explosion of fruit.

Packaging: box of 18 filters

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Strawberry and vanilla smoothie infusion

The new products from L'Angelica become even richer: try the new Smoothie Infusion Strawberry & Vanilla The perfect combination of strawberry and vanilla is released in this infusion smoothie: the sweet flavor of vanilla blends perfectly with the fresh and acidic taste of strawberry, and together they give you a moment of sweet relaxation. Let yourself be delighted by the explosion of fruit and the sweet note of milk on the finish. And if you are looking for an even softer and sweeter taste, add a few drops of milk to the infusion and let yourself be won over by its deliciousness!

Packaging: box of 15 filters

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Raspberry and Coconut Smoothie Infusion

The sweetness of coconut combines perfectly with the lively notes of raspberry. A sweet and fruity blend, enticed at the end by the sweet note of milk... the perfect infusion for a cuddle at any moment of the day!

Packaging: box of 15 filters

Availability: 10 In Stock

Pear and Cinnamon infusion with real Valfrutta fruit

Spicy and Enveloping Pear and Cinnamon Infusion, spicy and with digestive properties thanks to the sweetness of the pear and the properties of the cinnamon. Spicy and enveloping, a daily treat to be enjoyed in winter and during the holidays, or to be served cold in summer for a healthy snack

Packaging: box of 15 filters

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Forestry fruit infusion with real Valfrutta fruit

Tasty and Revitalizing Wild Berry Infusion, tasty and with revitalizing properties thanks to the action of Elderberry, Hibiscus Flower and Rosehip. Thirst-quenching and restorative, this infusion is excellent for enjoying a healthy drink with an intense and aromatic flavour, also excellent in summer served cold.

Packaging: box of 15 filters

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Infusion Fennel Delicious Natfood

Fennel seeds for a delicious infusion.

Organic product. Gluten-free.

The medicinal plants of Ti-sana In-fusion are processed in the Italian Alpine valleys. Each stage of the production cycle is carefully monitored.

Product Controlled and Certified by CCPB.

Pack of 20 filters of 1.5 g

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Cocoa hazelnut herbal tea

Cocoa emotions, good mood.

The intense flavor of cocoa and the refined flavor of hazelnut... here is the perfect combination chosen for this herbal tea! Sip after sip the hazelnut and cocoa blend together to give the herbal tea a soft and surprising taste! Also excellent in milk, try it for breakfast!

Packaging: box of 15 filters

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95% pure cocoa herbal tea

Cocoa emotions, Vitality.

A unique and enveloping infusion that comes from the fine cocoa beans, giving the herbal tea an intense and decisive aromatic note. Pure Cocoa 95%: the perfect fusion between taste and well-being, for every moment of the day! Also excellent in milk, try it for breakfast!

Packaging: box of 15 filters

Availability: 9 In Stock

Mango and Pomegranate infusion with real Valfrutta fruit

Delicate and Antioxidant Delicate mango and pomegranate infusion with antioxidant properties thanks to the benefits of Pomegranate, Rosehip and Rooibos. The ideal infusion to support the body's natural defenses. Serve it in hot or cold water with ice cubes, to obtain a delicate and thirst-quenching drink.

Packaging: box of 15 filters

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Cocoa, raspberry and vanilla herbal tea

Cocoa emotions, antiox.

Cocoa and raspberry, a combination that generates a perfect mix: the intense flavor of cocoa, known for its antioxidant properties, combines with the freshness and sweet, but slightly acidic flavor of raspberry. The fragrant note of vanilla completes the mix for a unique and sophisticated drink! Also excellent in milk, try it for breakfast!

Packaging: box of 15 filters

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