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Spirits and Liqueurs

In our spirits department, alongside the best known products, you will find rare and sought-after distillates, which will enrich your spirits collection.

Whisky and rum, innovative producers of gin and vodka and the most distant distillers of tequila and sake, without forgetting the most classic distillates such as grappa, calvados, absinthe, brandy, and the French cognac and armagnac.


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Aperol Aperitif

Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in color, it has an unmistakable sweet-bitter taste, thanks to a very secret and never varied recipe, which includes infusions of precious raw materials, herbs and roots in perfect harmony. Another strength is its alcoholic lightness, only 11 degrees

Alcohol grade 11% vol

Bottle 100 cl

Campari Bitter 100 c

Availability: 112 In Stock


Bitter Campari is a liqueur obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruits in alcohol and water. The recipe with which it is prepared is known to very few workers in the production process, however there are those who hypothesize that there are over 20, perhaps even up to 80, ingredients in its formulation. It has an intense aroma reminiscent of grapefruit and orange, to which are added herbaceous and clove notes. In the mouth it is characterized by a pleasant bitter taste, perceived on a warm and velvety background. Its versatility makes it an excellent base for the preparation of famous cocktails such as Americano, Spritz and Negroni Sbagliato. Perfect as an aperitif.

Alcohol grade 25% vol.

100 cl bottle

Hendrick's Gin mignon 5 cl

Availability: 95 In Stock


is an unusual gin created by eleven fine botanicals. The curious, but wonderful, infusions of rose and cucumber infuse our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor, resulting in an unmistakably soft and distinct gin.

Alcohol content: 44% vol.

5 cl bottle

Availability: 43 In Stock

Negroni Premix Bottega

The traditional Italian cocktail, in this new version ready to be served, presents the characteristic ruby red color, with vermilion reflections, and a typical, intriguing and articulated bouquet.

It comes from aMix of three BOTTEGAproducts: Vermouth Rotto BOTTEGA + Bitter BOTTEGA + Bacur Distilled Dry Gin BOTTEGA.

The shrewd dosage of the three elements gives life to a Negroni in perfect balance between the dry conferred by gin, the dessert due to vermouth and the bittering note of bitters.

Alcohol content: 26% vol.

10 cl bottle

Availability: 60 In Stock

Recognized by the online magazine “Der Feinschmecker” as “Best Gin in Germany”.

Made from sun-ripened bitter orange peels from Schloss Johannisberg, this gin combines aromas of juniper berries with floral notes of lavender and the freshness of lemongrass. In the finish, the fruitiness of the bitter orange is clearly felt.

The exquisite "CASTLE GIN" is distilled according to London Dry Art with only natural vegetable substances and produced in small quantities.

Alcohol content: 44% vol.

Country of origin: Germany.

Format: 50 cl bottle.

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey...

Availability: 30 In Stock

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey mignon

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 uses pure spring water and a unique sweetened charcoal maple maturation process perfected since 1866. Tennessee whiskey has a distinct amber color. Perfect in cocktails.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Bottle material: PET (plastic).

Bottle dimensions: 3 x 3 x 10.5 cl

Packaging: single 5 cl plastic bottle

Grappa Private Reserve Barricade BOTTEGA 70 cl

Availability: 50 In Stock

Grappa Riserva Amarone Private Barricade

The Private Barricade Reserve originates from a reserve of Amarone grappa. The result of the distillation of fermented grape skins that derive from the production of the precious Amarone della Valpolicella wine, it is the result of the passion and skill of the master distillers, able to transform a solid raw material into a transparent and crystalline liquid, with an exceptional organoleptic profile. The long aging in wood gives it the characteristic intense amber color and enriches its bouquet, giving life to a suaving and intriguing grappa capable of satisfying even the palates of the most demanding connoisseurs.

Acolico grade 43% vol.

Awards and honors:

Bibenda Guide 2021 5 BunchEs Award

Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruzelles

70 Cl bottle format with case

Availability: 50 In Stock

Vecchio Amaro Del Capo

Twenty-nine of the herbs, flowers, fruits and roots of the beautiful Calabrian land, united to offer you an intense experience of pleasure: the dolceamaro taste of oranges, the delicacy of orange blossom and chamomile, the intensity of licorice, peppermint and aniseed seeds. All in one, inimitable secret recipe.

Alcohol grade: 35% VOL

100 cl bottle

Grappa Sandro Bottega 100

Availability: 45 In Stock

Grappa Sandro BOTTEGA

Grappa, the oldest and most traditional distillate in northern Italy, is obtained from the residual solid part of the pressing of wine grapes. The careful distillation of the pomace allows to extract and enhance the unique characteristics contained, in particular, in the skins that are the seat of the aromatic components. The Sandro BOTTEGA is a product of great personality that presents an elegant and captivating packaging: a delicately shaped bottle reminiscent of a drop of grappa at the time of distillation

Alcohol content: 38% vol.

100 cl bottle

Availability: 44 In Stock

Sambuca Molinari mignon

Sambuca is only Molinari! And in Italy, from 1945 to today, it could not be otherwise! The Second World War had just ended and, in that of Civitavecchia, </ span>Angelo Molinari began to produce and distribute, throughout the world, this sweet and strongly aromatic: Sambuca Extra Molinari. From very ancient origins, which date back to the Carthusian herbal tradition, Sambuca takes its name from the plant from which the extract is extracted, the flower of the elder, also if the main ingredient is the essential oil obtained from the distillation ofstar anise, a particular spice (whose seeds are collected in a star-shaped pod) which gives it that unique and characteristic aroma.

Alcohol content: 42% vol

Packaging: Single 3 cl PET bottle

Availability: 30 In Stock

Malibu: Original Caribbean Rum with coconut flavour

Malibu coconut rum! Ideal for Pina Colada cocktails, Malibu bay breeze

Refreshing and satisfying, the Pernod Ricard group's "Original Malibu" is a perfect ally for light-hearted evenings and cocktail parties at the beach. Coconut-flavored Caribbean Rum, with sweet and creamy notes, is great as a base for various cocktail and long drink recipes.

Alcohol content 21% vol.

100 cl bottle