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Single-dose cioconat

What's your favorite hot chocolate? Cioconat offers 12 flavors of hot chocolate in practical single-dose sachets of 30 g.

Let yourself be tempted by the creaminess and aroma of real hot chocolate from the Bar, a real treat for the palate, it will warm you up on cold winter days.

You can find Cioconat in display boxes 36 sachets of 30 g and in the practical superstar prepack of 8 flavors x 12 sachets each.

Cioconat hot chocolate is gluten-free and you can choose between these flavors: traditional, dark, extra dark, milk, white, white with hazelnuts, hazelnuts, gianduia, coconut, toffee, orange and cinnamon, chilli.



Equipment with steam wand for heating, frothing milk and cooking chocolate.

To be used with single-dose sachets.

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Steamer for Natfood hot chocolate

You will be able to prepare quality hot drinks with a professional and fast service.

Made of high quality stainless steel, it is equipped with a high efficiency heater for steam generation.

The digital display will indicate the increase in temperature in the jug, once the set temperature is reached the machine will automatically stop steam delivery. At the end of whipping, the machine will return to "Machine Ready" mode and the display will indicate the previously set temperature.

Equipped with a convenient button to start the washing procedure. The machine will dispense steam for 6 seconds to clean any residue inside the wand.

Dimensions: 15cm L x 36cm D x 37cm H.

Voltage and power: 220-240V; 50-60Hz; 1450-1720W