Chewing gum for children

Cute and fun chewing gum for children. Ideal for birthday parties.

Acido gumetro Johnny Bee 30 x 22 g


Acido Gumetro chewing gum with an acidic Johnny Bee heart

Extra long gums in 4 flavors with an acid core.

Flavors: strawberry, green apple, cola and black cherry.

Packaging: 30 pieces x 22 g

    Unicorn bubble gum blister 48 x 20 g lolliboni


    Unicorn bubble gum blister Lolliboni

    Blister pack of 10 chewing gum with watermelon shape and color

    Pack of 48 blisters x 20 g

    Attention the image of the package is correct, the blisters contain rubber all identical colored watermelon style.

      Crazy roll bubble gum Johnny Bee 24 x 18 g


      Crazy roll Johnny Bee chewing gum

      Very nice chewing gums 1 meter long.

      Fruity flavor

      Pack of 24 pieces x 18 g

        Go Wild! Tattoo gum 200 x 2.5 g


        Go Wild! Tattoo gum Alex Sweet

        Delicious fruit-flavored chewing gum, paired with gorgeous tribal tattoo stickers.

        Individually wrapped.

        Packaging: box of 200 pieces x 2.5 g