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The classic taste of Mental FASSIcandies, classic aniseed and mint candies, balsamic eucalyptus, fruit and citrus raviole candies and sweet fruit jelly. Large bags of 1 kg of Mental, Gelly, Flavoral and Eucaliptus Mentolo candies are the most famous brands of the Mental FASSI.

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FASSI Aniseed sweets 1 kg

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Fassi aniseed sweets

One of the most popular classic candies, with an unmistakable anise flavor and made with a few simple ingredients. Perfect at any time of the day, excellent after coffee and it is the classic candy that a grandfather cannot miss in his pocket!

Taste: anise.

Packaging: 1 kg bag.

Availability: 12 In Stock

Fassi Mental Gelly Fruit Candies

These soft fruit candies are colorful temptations for the little ones… and for the grown-ups. Packaged in bags, Gelly gelee are soft, available in lemon, orange, strawberry and blackberry flavors and offer delicious moments to share with friends. One leads to another!

Taste: fruit.

Packaging: 1 kg bag

FASSI Mint Candies 1 kg

Availability: 10 In Stock

Fassi Mental Mint Candies

The classic mint sweets that are never missing in your pocket, at your grandmother's house or in offices throughout Italy!

Hard candy with a delicious mint flavour, made with a few selected and simple ingredients.

Packaging: 1 kg bag

Fassi Mental Eucalyptus candies 1 kg bag

Availability: 3 In Stock

Eucalyptus Mental Fassi

Eucalyptus and menthol flavored balsamic candies, the classic double bow candy.

Flavour: Eucalyptol and menthol.

Features: Balsamic, ideal for clearing the nose and soothing the throat.

Package: 1 kg bag

FASSI Gelly Mint candies 1 kg

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Fassi Gelly Mint candies

These soft mint candies are colorful temptations for the little ones... and for the adults. Packaged in bags, Gelly Fassi gelees are soft, available in a mint flavor and offer delicious moments to share with friends. One leads to another!

Packaging : 1 kg bag.