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Grains and decorations for sweet Abracadabra Natfood

Grains and decorations for sweet Abracadabra Natfood.

Dessert decorations in practical dosing jars will allow you to quickly decorate yogurt, cold creams, ice creams, cakes, pastries, biscuits or other spoon desserts. Buy peanuts, peanut grains, chocolate crispies, mini meringues, mini mashmallows, mini macaroon, macaroon, small macaroon, cinnamon sugar, sugar nuggets, chocolate chips, puffed rice, sweet grains, chocolate smarties jams

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Mini Marshmallows for sweet decoration Abracadabra Natfood

Delicious super colorful mini marshmallows ideal for decorating your sweets, our advice is to try them in winter along with hot chocolate and in summer along with ice cream or yogurt

Dosing jar with 150 g resealable perforated cap