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Buying your favorite candy or candy has never been easier, you'll find a wide variety of Gummy Candies, Balsamic Candies, Toffee Candies, Liquorice Candies, Diet Candy, Gluten-Free Candies, Celiac Candies, Sugar-Free Candies, Stevia Candy, Bulk Candy, Candy HARIBO, GoliaCandy, FriskCandy, Rossana Candy, Candies Ricola online at low wholesale prices.

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Halls strong 20 stick x 33.5 g

Availability: 46 In Stock


Hall's balsamic candy taste extra strong, thanks to the action of menthol and eucalyptus helps to free the respiratory tract and refresh breath and throat.

Showbox pack of 20 stick x 33.5 g

Halls strong extra sugar free 20 stick x 32 g

Availability: 46 In Stock

HALLS extra strong sugar free

Halls balsamic candy with an extra strong taste, thanks to the action of menthol and eucalyptol, helps to clear the respiratory tract and freshen the breath and throat.

Taste: Extra strong with menthol and eucalyptol.

Features: sugar free.

Packaging: 20 sticks x 32 g

Tris lollipop rainbow 32x 30 g Rossini's

Availability: 31 In Stock

Tris Rossini's Rainbow lollipop

The iconic, beautiful, big, tasty lollipop. Delicious lollipops, children will go crazy.

Taste: fruit.

Packaging: Display 32 x 30 g.

Saila Mint Extra Strong Jam Pack of 16 cases of...

Availability: 29 In Stock

Saila Mint Extra Strong Jam

Saila extra strong mint jam. Candy infected Saila.

A soul of liquorice covered with an explosion of fresh peppermint for the jam that made history. The production of confetti takes place with 8 hours of processing that, layer by layer, creates the perfect shape!

Format: Case

Taste: Mint (piedmontese mint)

Pack: 16 45g cases

Fisherman's Friend Original without sugar 24...

Availability: 24 In Stock

Fisherman's Friend Original No added sugars

And in 1980 the Original Extra Forte was first launched in a version without added sugars!

Based on Menthol and Eucalyptus, without any dye or artificial aroma.

Pack of 24 pieces of 25g

Mental Bio Ginger and Lemon Bag 1kg

Availability: 11 In Stock

Mental Bio Ginger and Lemon Organic Candies

Candies with Ginger and Lemon extract and raw brown sugar

Mental Ginger and Lemon candy is an organic candy where the slightly pungent taste of ginger is well balanced by the refreshing taste of lemon.

No Dyes
With natural aromas

1 kg bag

Nb. Attention the image is for illustrative purposes, the 1000g bag is transparent in color and lets you glimpse the candies inside

Rossini Tornado Rainbow Pinwheel Lollipop 36 x...

€45.54 €38.71 -15%
Availability: 20 In Stock

Rossini tornado rainbow lollipop

Tornado swirl lollipops are colorful sweets that offer a unique taste experience. These spiral-shaped lollipops come in an eye-catching and attractive counter display, perfect for any retail outlet.

Each pack contains 36 lollipops of 40 g each, with a diameter of 8 cm, which fit perfectly in the hands of young and old. The rainbow color scheme brings a touch of cheer and lightheartedness to these lollipops, making them perfect for celebrating any special occasion. The sweet and delicate taste of these swirl lollipops will make the heart of any candy lover beat faster.

Taste: fruit

Package: 36 x 40 g display.

Mental Black Classic 24 pieces

Availability: 20 In Stock

Mental black classic

Lozenges with an intense and characteristic aroma that perfumes the breath, essentially made up of sugar and licorice extract (25%) with a low glycyrrhizin content.

Flavour: licorice.

Packaging: box of 24 x 17 g pouches

Mental White Sugar-Free 24 pieces

Availability: 20 In Stock

Mental White sugar free

Sugar-free sweets with a delicate mint and licorice flavour, with reduced caloric value and which do not promote tooth decay. They contain 9% licorice extract with a low glycyrrhizin content.

Flavour: mint and licorice.

Features: without sugar, with sweeteners.

Packaging: box of 24 x 12 g pouches

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