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Chocolate and chocolate snacks

Sweet Snacks and Chocolate of the best brands. Buying snacks MARS, or the exotic bounty to calm hunger or give an emotion with a nice kiss Perugina has never been easier. Buy online kinder bueno, mars, twix, kitkat, galak, bounty, snickers, lion shipping is fast and payment is secure.

Buy Chocolates, Chocolate and Kinder Cereali tablets directly online and receive your order directly at home or at your store.

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70% Perugina dark chocolate bar

Elegant and intense: it is the flavor of 70% Perugina® Nero® dark chocolate, which transports the mind on a unique and irresistible sensory journey, with a strong flavor.

The extra 70% Perugina® Nero® dark chocolate bar is perfect for lovers of dark chocolate with an intense and harmonious taste.

Ideal to be enjoyed in combination with an Arabica coffee.

Pre-order, shipments from September.

Pack of 20 pieces x 85 g

Availability: 1 In Stock

Atelier Perugina milk, hazelnut and raisin bar

Delicious combination of crunchy dried fruit, soft raisins, wrapped in very fine milk chocolate.

Discover visibly authentic pleasure in the new bar format, ideal for any time of day.

Pre-order, shipments from September.

Counter display box 24x30 g

Availability: 4 In Stock

Perugina Black 70% Dark Bar

A pure and intense taste, a strong and decisive character, like that of the Umbrian land. It is Perugina® Black®, a unique recipe, an experience of unmistakable taste. The aromatic notes of the fondant reach the palate to offer a sensory journey to discover the authentic taste of Italian dark chocolate".

For those caught in a sudden need for a cuddle: the new black Perugina® bar® 70% dark chocolate bar meets your needs.


Pack of 36 bars of 35 g

BOUNTY Miniatures 800g

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The famous coconut bar covered with milk chocolate Bounty miniaturized and individually wrapped to eat like chocolate throughout the day!

Pack of 800g

Cookies Milka Cookies Sensation 24 pieces x 52 g

Availability: 8 In Stock

Sensation cookies MILKA cookies

MILKA's American Cookies

Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Chocolate Cream

Over-the-counter packaging

Size: Box of 24 sachets of 2 biscuits of 52 g

Net weight: 1248 g

Availability: 6 In Stock

85% Perugina dark chocolate bar

A refined moment for the palate and a seduction of taste for those who love the intense pleasure of 85% extra dark chocolate.

The extra 85% Perugina® Nero® dark chocolate bar is ideal for those looking for dark chocolate with an intense and persistent taste.

Try it in combination with Apulian bread or Milanese michetta to enhance its personality.

Pre-order, shipments from September.

Pack of 20 pieces x 85 g

Availability: 5 In Stock

Perugina 1907 dark chocolate bar

Perugina® 1907 Dark Extra is the bar of the Perugina® 1907 range with a rich and decisive soul, ideal for an authentic and daily pleasure thanks to the intensity of the Perugina® Dark Chocolate that gives a real experience of pleasure. / p>

A product of excellence, just like the recipe created by Luisa Spagnoli, one of the founders of Perugina®, creator of a unique chocolate.

Perugina® 1907 Dark Extra bars are ideal for lovers of quality dark chocolate.

Pre-order, shipments from September.

Pack of 18 pieces x 80 g