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Hot Drinks

Gecoshop specializes in the sale of Ceylon Tea from the company Dilmah, tea of great quality and coming from the best lands of Sri Lanka. We sell Caffè Kenon in waffles and grains, caffè hag, Coffee decaffeinated Poddy Dek, Coffee in pods and capsules, Barley in waffles, Orzeus Soluble barley Natfood, Orzeus Cereali, Orzeus Bio, Barley Nestlè, Capsule Ginseng Natfood Feel the aroma, Tisane Capsules, Herbal teas and infusions, Herbal tea and infusion, Bioological Herbal Tea, Natural Herbal Tea, Tisana or Infusion K-cup Capsules

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Ginseng Gin-co 900g jar Natfood

€46.20 €42.20 -€4.00
Availability: 697 In Stock

Ginseng Ginco Natfood

The original ginseng, excellence in ginseng drinks: energy, creaminess, intense taste and pleasant caramelized aroma.

The only and inimitable ginseng drink designed by Natfood for the Italian market.

900g jar

Ginseng Gin-co deca 900g jar Natfood

Availability: 128 In Stock

Ginseng Gin-co deca Natfood

Ginseng decaffeinated Natfood, the real Ginseng Gin-co Natfood in decaffeinated version, for those who want to drink a good ginseng without the negative effects of caffeine, also suitable for the evening hours of the day!

Caffeine-free, Lactose-free, Gluten-free.

900g jar

Ginseng Gin-co light deca 500g jar Natfood

Availability: 111 In Stock

Gin-co Light Deca Natfood

The Decaffeinated Ginseng Light by Natfood, the same taste as the classic Gin-co but with less sugar (70% less) and without the effect of caffeine, to enjoy it at any time of the day even in the evening!

Decaffeinated Ginseng drink with less added sugar.

Packaging: 500 g bag (NO JAR)

Availability: 84 In Stock

Gin-co Light Ginseng Natfood

The unmistakable taste of Gin-co but with 70% less sugar than traditional Gin-co.

The unique taste of Gin-co even for those who prefer a drink with a less intense sweet note.

Zero grams of sucrose, 1.05 g of glucose syrup.

Gluten-free, lactose-free, without hydrogenated fats.

Packaging: 500 g bag

Orzeus Cereals Soluble Barley and Cereals...

Availability: 78 In Stock


Soluble barley with professional cereals suitable for use in machines supplying hot drinks.

Soluble barley and cereals

Envelope of 200 gr.

Availability: 46 In Stock

Cioconat Natfood Traditional Chocolate

Professional Hot Chocolate

Traditional Chocolate Taste

Powdered for chocolate-flavoured hot drink

Finally even at home you can prepare a good cup of hot chocolate, dense as at the bar.

This hot chocolate is suitable for use in chocolate maker, the machinery that cooks and keeps your chocolate warm throughout the day

Format: Jar 1000g = 40 cups hot chocolate

Recommended dose: 25g a cup

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