Creamy Natfood

Creamy cold creams Natfood Creamy is a small assortment of delicious and easy-to-prepare cold creams. Delicious on its own but also perfect for making cups with double taste, and to be reciped with fresh fruit, topping, grains and even drowned with espresso. There are 6 flavors available: Fiordilatte, pistachio, hazelnut, gianduia, coconut, exotic "evergreen" taste that contains pieces of coconut and dulche de leche, a typically Hispanic taste reminiscent of caramelized cooked milk. All tastes are gluten-free and hydrogenated fat-free.

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Hulalà Pristine Grand Dessert Professional

The Pristine Grand Dessert professional hulalà is a long-lasting, sweetened professional spray cream, with excellent milky flavor and a rewarding sensation in the mouth. Exceptional and long-lasting performance, even under the strictest conditions of use. Excellent structure and hold. Ideal for desserts, ice creams, hot drinks, smoothies and fruitries

Thanks to its high stability, it can be used on hot drinks, made with milk cream, it is already sweetened and is ideal for garnishing ice creams, cold creams, crepes, sweets, coffee.

Confectionery product with UHT hydrogenated cream and vegetable fats.

700 ml cylinder - Weight 724 g

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Cold lemon cream

The Natfood lemon flavored cold cream. Light, fresh and thirst-quenching. The creamy and velvety structure is given by the use of vegetable fibers.

You can serve it as it is or by adding topping and grains.

Excellent as a dessert after a meal.

Properties: without milk and derivatives, without gluten, without hydrogenated fats, based on water.

Bag of 1000 g - 1 kg