Savory snacks and appetizers

Savory snacks, crackers, Foxaperitif appetizers, Saiwa, TUC, Crackers and various appetizers ideal for making an excellent Italian aperitif.

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Garlic bruschetta for the Fox aperitif line

The synthesis of the best Italian hospitality: shapes and flavors inspired by the typical Mediterranean taste. Irresistible to consumers all over the world.

100% natural ingredients, without palm oil and GMOs.

Package: 150 g bag

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Tuc Cracker and Ritz Mini Exhibitor 5 outer

Large and practical counter display of TUC and Ritz Mini, the unmistakable TUC cracker ideal for your hunger attack combined with a cult product like the Ritz Mini!

In this display there are 4 assorted flavors:

2 Showbox Tuc Original 20 pieces x 31.3 g

1 Showbox Tuc integral 20 pieces x 33.3 g

1 showbox Tuc sheets of 16 pieces x 32 g

1 Showbox Tuc Ritz Mini 18 pieces x 35 g

The Tuc and Mini Ritz counter display for a total of 94 single-dose sachets, can be refilled by purchasing the single TUC packs so as to never leave an empty space!

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TUC classic sfoglie.


Few ingredients, 100% natural: extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, flour.

Crunchy baked triangles, so good that one leads to another.

The secret of their goodness? The semplicity. Ideal for an aperitif or during meals, as they are or combined with what you prefer.

Try them with olive pate or spreadable cheese.

Taste: Classic.

Box of 16 sachets of 32g.

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Toasted and salted peanuts Picoteamo

Peanuts Picoteamo grown in the Argentina region of Cordoba, an area dedicated to growing the best peanuts in the world!

The Company Paul Mirror imports peanuts into Italy from an Argentine Cooperative that was founded by Italian emigrants more than 70 years ago! The grandchildren of these farmers are proud that their peanuts are exported to their grandparents' homeland!

Peanuts PICOTEAMO are the snack for happy moments to share with friends and loved ones! Let's nibble together and live a moment of joy and carefreeness!

Exhibitor 30 sachets of 30 g

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Crunchy delicious ketchup taste Più Buono

Delicious baked pretzels snacks, in practical single-dose sachets. The single-dose sachet is also suitable for use at home, avoids waste.

Deadline: October 21, 2020

875g showbox pouch pack 25 pieces x 35g

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