Bon Borsci and Bon Bon Amaro del capo

Praline Bon Borsci stuffed with Elisir Borsci and Bon Bon with vecchio amaro del capo

They are chocolate pralines stuffed with soft custard with Elixir S. Marzano or VECCHIO AMARO DEL CAPO. The success of this product is due to the careful selection of the best raw materials, the craftsmanship without the addition of any additive or preservative (hence the short deadline compared to industrial pralines), the delicacy of the cream at Elisir S. Marzano and the vecchio amaro del capo that gives the taste of the liqueur to the palate without attacking it, making the chocolate suitable for all consumers. It should be emphasized that Bon Borsci and Bon Bon Amaro del Capo are prepared with pure chocolate, without the addition of hydrogenated fats.