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Mythical m&m's don't need any introductions. With us you can find all year round: m&m's peanuts the delicious peanuts infected with milk and sugar chocolate, m&m's Chocolate milk chocolate confetti and the m&m's crispy confetti stuffed with puffed rice, since 2019 we also have the new m&m's peanuts format of 20 g the ideal single portion.

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M&M'S Peanut Peanuts 60 G Pieces

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M&M'S Peanut Peanuts

The famous peanuts infected with milk and sugar chocolate, in a fun new format!

Smaller sachets, less than half of the traditional sachets, is the perfect 100 kcal portion!

Offerta prodotto scadenza 12 marzo 2023

Format: Box of 60 sachets of 20 g

M&M'S Chocolate 24 pieces of 45 g

Availability: 10 In Stock

M&M'S Chocolate

Chocolates infected with milk chocolate stuffed with chocolate!

Format: 24-piece box of 45 g

Impact case m&m 2022 82 pieces

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Availability: Out of stock

M&M's impact assessment

All the best in little space! The display covers a surface of 30 cm x 26 cm.

This case contains all the winning snacks! M&M's is one of the world's first chocolate brands, growing steadily along with Twix and Snickers.

What contains: 30 M&M's Peanuts 45 g - 14 Twix 50 g - 12 MARS - 12 Bounty - 14 Snickers.