The inevitable proposal for breakfast or brunch! The pancake is a traditional dessert of North America, now widespread and loved all over the world. Delicious recipe for super soft and delicious pancakes! Quick and easy to prepare, decorate and fill as desired with fresh fruit, maple syrup, honey, jam, hazelnut cream, melted chocolate, whipped cream…

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Natfood pancake powder mix 800 g

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Natfood pancake powder mix

"Instant Morning Delight: NatFood Pancake Mix Powder" NatFood Pancake Mix Powder is the perfect solution for a tasty and quick breakfast, able to delight the palate and satisfy anyone's taste buds. Its exclusive formula combines carefully selected ingredients, including fine flour, yeast to guarantee the right lightness, and a note of sweetness that captures the very essence of a comforting breakfast.

Just add water, mix quickly and bake for golden, fluffy pancakes in seconds. The versatility of this preparation allows you to give free rein to your culinary creativity. Add fresh fruit for a crisp note, chocolate chips for extra sweetness or nuts for a crunchy texture.

Experiment and customize your pancakes to your unique taste. With NatFood pancake powder mix, every morning becomes an opportunity to pamper yourself with an irresistible and fulfilling meal. Simple to prepare and irresistible on the palate, it is the ideal choice for those who want to start the day with energy and a good mood.

Package: 800 g jar.

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