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Gold ciok pocket 20 x 40 g


Oro Ciok Pocket

A delicious snack, all the taste of Oro Ciok in this new version, mini biscuits filled with low-fat cocoa cream in practical sachets.

Packaging: Showbox 20 pieces x 40 g

    Gold sandwich cocoa 20 pieces of 80g


    Gold sandwich cocoa

    A delicious cocoa cream enclosed between two gold biscuits Saiwa.

    An ideal snack for young and old.

    In each sachet there are 4 Gold Sandwich cookies

    Pack of 20 sachets of 80 g each.

      Gold Snack Cereal Biscuits 24 x 43 g


      Gold Snack Cereal Biscuits

      Delicious cereal cookies, crispy and tasty, suitable as a snack!

      Source of Fiber

      Pack of 24 pieces of 3 biscuits for 43 gr per pack.

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      Oro ciok milk 30 x 25 g


      Gold Ciok milk

      A delicious milk chocolate bar, which combines with the unmistakable taste of the Gold cookie for a simple snack that makes the most fun part of the day delicious.

      Pack of 30 pieces of 2 biscuits for 25 gr per pack.

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