Haribo gummy candies

Haribo Gummy Candies. Candies HARIBO chewy licorice, fruit HARIBO , marshmallow HARIBO and sparkling HARIBO are some flavors and some types of gummy haribo. In our catalog the teddy bears haribo, crocodiles haribo, wheels haribo and many other types of candies. HARIBO the most beloved gummy candy.

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Haribo and lemon 30 bags of 100 g

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Haribo Ginger and Lemon

Awaken your taste buds with these unique HARIBO Lemon Ginger Gummies!

The combination of these two distinct flavors creates an irresistible sensation to be savored. Try them now!

Deliciously spicy and sugary Haribo gummies!

Flavour: Ginger and Lemon

Packaging: Box of 30 sachets of 100 g

Availability: 3 In Stock

Haribo chamallows tubular colors

Delicious colored Haribo marshmallows, kids will go crazy!

The Haribo Chamallows range is enriched with the brand new Chamallows Tubular Colors: a new shape that enhances the taste and softness of the most tender candies.

Taste: Vanilla.


Pack of 30 pieces x 90 g

Haribo Cocobat 30 bags of 100g

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Haribo Cocobat

The most delicious tube there is: wrapped in a gummy layer of licorice, the soft filling with a fruity strawberry or lemon flavor gives its best.

Every moment is the right one to enjoy Cocobat licorice candies, alone or in company.

Flavour: Licorice + strawberry, licorice + lemon.

Packaging: box of 30 sachets of 100g

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HARIBO Exhibitor Baby Caribbean

Exhibitor from 140 HARIBO gummy candies HARIBO.

Mixed tastes:

Happy Cola HARIBO Gummy Candies 100g x30

Gummy Candies HARIBO Wheel 100g x 30

Gummy Candies HARIBO Hearts 100g x 30

Gummy Candies HARIBO Crocodiles 100g x 30

Gummy candies HARIBO Gold Bears 100g x 30

Gummy candies HARIBO Lemon fresh cola sparkling 100 g x 30

Gummy Candies HARIBO Polka 100 g x 30

Gummy candies HARIBO Pacifies 100g x 30

Gummy candies HARIBO Watermelon 100g x 30

+ Bowls 24 pieces (Baby Caribbean)

Availability: 6 In Stock

Haribo Golden Bears

Everyone knows HARIBO gummy bears and for good reason.

The original and unmistakable Golden Bears have been giving happiness to adults and children, young and old since 1922.

With 6 flavors, the colorful Bears represent one thing above all else: irresistible joy to be shared!

Flavour: strawberry, orange, raspberry, apple, pineapple and lemon

Features: Without Artificial Colourings

Packaging: box of 30 sachets of 100 g