Aperitifs and Savory Snacks

Aperitif line Fox appetizers, pretzels, tortillas and nacho.

Black and green olives from Cerignola once suitable for aperitifs.

Sauces and creams Attina E Forti.

Sottolio, subaceti as per apulian and Italian tradition La Cerignola Di Una Volta.

Pata chips, Lay's the best on the market.

Salty snacks TUC Crackers

Frozen Fries Salati Preziosi 24 sachets x 25 g


Salati Preziosi Frozen Cheese Snack Chips

Kids Line

Chips & amp; Gadget 30 g

A wonderful surprise for you right away.

Gluten-free and with sunflower oil.

Format: Box of 24 sachets of 25 g

    Cars on the road French Fries Salati Preziosi 24 sachets x 25 g


    French Fries cars on the road Salati Preziosi

    Kids Chips & Gadget

    A wonderful surprise for you right away, inside you will find a fantastic surprise!

    Surprise: Pen topper with characters from the CARS movie.

    Format: Display box 24 sachets of 25 g

      Skifidol forzutos Salty & Toy surprise chips 24 x 30 g


      Skifidol Forzutos crisps with surprise

      Salty & amp; Toys.

      The chips with surprise with the new super extendable attacks by skifidol fortiutos inside. The strongest collection there is!

      Very sticky, in different colors.


      Packaging: box 24 x 30 g

        Lay's Doritos Cheetos chips floor display 8 flavors 124 sachets


        Lay's Doritos chips and floor standing Cheetos totem

        Display stand 8 flavors from the ground


        20 sachets of Lay's Classic Chips of 44 g

        20 sachets 37 g Lay's Xtra Crunchy Barbecue Chips

        20 sachets 44 g Lay's Gusto Campagnole Potato Chips

        20 packets Lay's Sweet Paprika Chips

        10 sachets of Doritos Tex-Mex Chips of 44 g

        10 sachets of Doritos Chilli chips of 44 g

        12 sachets Cheetos Rizos Crisps of 30 g

        12 sachets of Chips Cheetos Pelotazos fotebolas of 32 g