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Aperitifs and Savory Snacks

Aperitif line Fox appetizers, pretzels, tortillas and nacho.

Black and green olives from Cerignola once suitable for aperitifs.

Sauces and creams Attina E Forti.

Sottolio, subaceti as per apulian and Italian tradition La Cerignola Di Una Volta.

Pata chips, Lay's the best on the market.

Salty snacks TUC Crackers

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Toasted and salted peanuts Picoteamo

Peanuts Picoteamo grown in the Argentina region of Cordoba, an area dedicated to growing the best peanuts in the world!

The Company Paul Mirror imports peanuts into Italy from an Argentine Cooperative that was founded by Italian emigrants more than 70 years ago! The grandchildren of these farmers are proud that their peanuts are exported to their grandparents' homeland!

Peanuts PICOTEAMO are the snack for happy moments to share with friends and loved ones! Let's nibble together and live a moment of joy and carefreeness!

1 kg bag

Availability: 27 In Stock

Crisp Tortilla Natural

Aperitif Line Fox

Bar Italia presents Vintage Corn Tortilla chips - Natural, chips with natural corn flour excellent to enhance the taste of sauces. Vintage Corn Tortilla chips - Sweet chili chips are available in a single pack of 450 gr.


Without Palm Oil


450g bag

550g La Cerignola Di Una Volta lampascioni

Availability: 22 In Stock

Lampascioni to the peasant La Cerignola Di Una Volta

One of the typical specialties of Puglia, lampascioni (wild onions) are excellent on friselle or with a fresh tomato. Starter or delicious side dish.

550g jar

Apulian bomb La Cerignola Di Una Volta 550g

Availability: 16 In Stock

Apulian bomb

La Cerignola Di Una Volta

For lovers of intense taste, a spicy cream based on eggplant, enriched with a mix of vegetables. Ideal for condiments or croutons.

550g jar

Grilled artichokes La Cerignola Di Una Volta...

Availability: 21 In Stock

Grilled Artichokes La Cerignola Di Una Volta - Iaculli

Grilled Line

Excellent and tasty grilled artichokes, made in Italy, underlium with a few simple ingredients.

Tasty, large and tasty

550 g jar

Availability: 20 In Stock

Pringles paprika

The exotic taste of Pringles transports you to another dimension. The smell of spices, the clamor of a bazaar in the background... You lift up in the air on a flying potato chip and all of a sudden you collide with a crate of paprika. A cloud of red powder envelops you and teases your senses in an explosion of flavors that, as if by magic, is swept away by a wipe.. Tasty, irresistible and fun, Pringles Paprika not only eats them... you have fun!

Paprika taste

Pack of 12 tubes of 40 gr

Grandma's asparagus La Cerignola Di Una Volta 550g

Availability: 19 In Stock

Grandma's asparagus La Cerignola Di Una Volta

Just 48 hours after harvesting, the tips are seared in water and vinegar giving life to a preserve of the highest quality with an unmistakable taste.

550g glass jar

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