Sweet Saila

The candies of the historic brand owned by Cloetta Italia.

The candies Saila are very famous and of great quality, historical the mint Saila mint in envelope the caramel saila par excellence.

Buying mint Saila online has never been easier.

SAILA Liquorice Pure Bags 40 pieces



Licorice tronchetti Saila

Saila pure liquorice bags of pure and natural liquorice ankle boots, the same recipe as it used to be.

Unmistakable the preloaded pin of envelopes!

Pack: 40 Envelopes

    Saila Liquorice Pure Extra Strong Pack 16 cases


    Saila Licorice

    Liquorice ankle boots

    Extra Fort

    With 100% Italian licorice

    Tronchetti of pure liquorice saila processed by extracting the juice naturally for an authentic passion. The first product in the history SAILA by expert craftsmen, the keepers of the alchemies of traditional processing.


    Contains 16 36g cases

      Saila Jelly Liquorice Pack of 16 cases of 45 g


      SAILA Jelly Licorice

      Saila Jelly the crispy confetti outside and soft inside. Jelly Saila candies stuffed with liquorice with a crispy layer on the outside.


      Packaging: 16 Cases

        Saila Liquorice Sugar-free tablet Pack of 16 cases


        SAILA Liquorice Sugar-free tablet

        Saila liquorice tablets sweetened with very light stevia and with an endless taste.

        Sugar-free and gluten-free.

        With 100% Italian licorice.

        Pack: 16 cases x 40 g

          SAILA Mint bags 40 pieces


          Saila Mint

          The historic mint jam is Saila the historic format.

          Unmistakable the preloaded pin with the bags Saila

          Pack of 40 pieces

            Saila Spice Cinnamon Jam Pack of 16 cases of 45 g


            SAILA Candy Spice Cinnamon

            The mint jam heated by the enveloping tones of spices: a special taste that stimulates senses and emotions.

            Confetti Saila gluten-free cinnamon taste.

            Format: Case

            Pack of 16 cases x 40 g

              Saila Mint Extra Strong Jam Pack of 16 cases of 45 g


              Saila Mint Extra Strong Jam

              Saila extra strong mint jam. Candy infected Saila.

              A soul of liquorice covered with an explosion of fresh peppermint for the jam that made history. The production of confetti takes place with 8 hours of processing that, layer by layer, creates the perfect shape!

              Format: Case

              Taste: Mint (piedmontese mint)

              Pack: 16 45g cases

                Saila Sugar-Free Compressed Mint Pack of 16 cases of 40 g


                Saila Sugar-Free Compressed Mint

                The sugar-free line that offers all the freshness and taste of mint in a light formula. A fresh and delicate pleasure for women and anyone who cares about lightness.

                With Stevia extract, sweetener of natural origin.

                Pack: 16 cases of 40 g