Halls Gum

Hall's Gum

The first chewing gum with balsamic effect! Same taste and balsamic effect as Halls!


Halls Gum Mixed Exhibitor 41 pieces


Hall's Gum Mixed

Gum mixed display of 41 pieces


8 Halls Gum Ice Rush Peppermint

8 Halls Gum Ice Rush Spearmint

13 Halls Gum Classic Eucalyptus

12 Halls Gum Classic Spearmint

Total 41 pieces per 638 g

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Halls Gum Peppermint 16 pieces of 18g


Hall's Gum Peppermint

The first chewing gum with balsamic affection.

Peppermint Taste - Peppermint Mint

Sugar-free, with sweeteners

Pack of 16 pieces of 18g each.

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Halls Exhibitor Mixed Candy and Gum 172 pieces


Hall's Exhibitor Candy and Mixed Gum

Exhibitor Gusti:

Halls Original 40 pieces

Halls Extra Strong 40 pieces

Halls Vita C citrus fruits 20 pieces

Halls Honey and Lemon 20 pieces

Halls Spearmint 10 pieces

Halls Liquorice 10 pieces

Halls Watermelon 10 pieces

Halls Lime 10 pieces

Gum Spearmint 6 pieces

Gum Peppermint 6 pieces

Total 172 pieces for 5.34 kg

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