Pastificio Il vecchio pastaio Gragnano IGP

Pasta factory awarded in 2017 at the NRA Show at McCormick Place Chicago receiving 3 stars out of 3 for best story and best product.

Located in via Croce, near Piazza Marconi known as Piazza San Leone, it still produces pasta using the old artisanal methods. Their recipes include only spring water, high quality semolina, bronze drawing and slow drying, and a lot of love and experience gained in over 40 years.

All this has made Gragnano famous all over the world for its pasta!

Each pasta shape is rigorously bronze drawn and produced with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina Selezione Casillo Progetto Prime Terre.

This semolina is produced with a selection of Italian grains, it is a healthy and genuine product, perfect for adults and children, with a low gluten index, medium grain size, the organic semolina retains great flavor and aromas, it is also rich in carotenoids , natural antioxidants precious allies of our well-being and is much more digestible.

All packages are made of cellphane and 100% recyclable paper.