Comments are welcome, whether critical or positive, to the extent that they meet the criteria listed.

Most product comments are pre-moderate. It means that they are mainly published after the compliance of their content with the publication criteria has been verified (usually over a period of time from a few minutes to six hours).

Publication criteria:

Comments that contain, in the author's text or name, may not be published:

1) website addresses, especially if not appropriate or sent for promotional purposes;

2) email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses;

3) vulgar or offensive terms;

4) personal attacks or assessments against the company;

5) content unrelated to the product itself;

6) content that seems to offend, provoke, humiliate someone;

7) racist, sexist, homophobic or violent content;

8) illegal content or that predicts illegal behavior;

9) false or misleading information;

10) content that may pose a danger to others;

11) content of a length of more than 1800 characters;

12) content that the moderator deems irrelevant or dispersive to the article;

13) Comments from users (usernames or IP addresses) that qualify as spam, or from which a large number of comments arrive in a day, are also likely not to be published.

Finally, comments that report minor errors or typos are likely not to be published, whether the reports are correct or not.

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Gecoshop is grateful to modify or delete a comment and with each report of error and abuse promptly takes note of it and corrects any errors.

Comment moderation allows customers registered on to actively participate, stimulate, and prioritly opinions about purchased products, and evaluate their quality. In addition, moderation limits the risks of customers – voluntarily or not – posting content that may violate the law.

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