El Charro

The innovative lenses of El Charro sunglasses.

The lenses of El Charro sunglasses modify the rays that pass through them, transforming them from oblique to horizontal, thus eliminating all reflections and glare.

The technology of the new polarized lenses of El Charro sunglasses is one of the most revolutionary applications in science and optics, because it eliminates the annoying reflection and reduces eye fatigue.

The polarized filters of El Charro sunglasses selectively absorb reflection, transmitting the useful light of a scene.

The undesirable effects of the reflection are an increase in brightness and a reduction in the saturation of colors that make objects seen in the presence of the reflection faded.

Active filters

Sunglasses mod. 204B cal. 58 aviator El Charro

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Sunglasses mod. 204B El Charro

Sunglasses, silver metal frame with silver mirrored lenses

Lenses with maximum UV protection.

Caliber: 58

Frame color : silver.

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