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Steel tea infuser with Dilmah

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Steel infuser for loose tea leaves Dilmah

The perfect loose leaf tea infuser for your cup, it is positioned right above the edge of the cup or glass. Bring it to the table, put to infuse the tea and once infused remove it and put it on the upside-down lid so as not to wet with drops ... effortlessly. It is also worth noting that the mesh on this infuser basket is smooth and fine, allowing not only a great infusion, but also an easy rinsing... no leaf fits and washes in an instant.

Pack of 1 infuser

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The double-walled tea glass with tea infuser Dilmah

The double-walled tea glass has been specially designed to enhance the visual experience of preparing luxury leaf tea bags. The observation of the tea bag infused in hot water is an aesthetic experience that completes the overall experience of each tea. Combined with the comfortable Dilmah offers a visual and comfort experience ideal for all tea lovers.

Pack of 1 infuser + 1 glass