Bicchieri Bicamera Vetro per Creme Fredde YoCream cl

    Glass Bicamera Glasses for YoCream Cold Creams

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    Glass Bicamera Glasses for Cold Creams Natfood Yo Cream

    Logated Bicamera Thermal Glass

    Article Markets s.r.l.

    Pack of 6 glasses

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    Glass Bicamera Thermic Glass Amethyst Glass Luigi Bormioli

    for Yo Cream Natfood

    Thermal glass box of 6 glasses

    Article Markets s.r.l.

    Pack of 6 glasses

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    Box of 6 glasses
    Thermal Glasses Glass Bicamera

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    Bicchieri Bicamera Vetro per Creme Fredde 11,5 cl Glass Bicamera Glasses for Creamy Cold Creams 11.5 cl Cremosito Crema di caffè Natfood Top quality Busta 500g Creamy Coffee cream Natfood Top quality Envelope 500g Panna Spray Grand Dessert Professional Hulalà 700ml 724g - 1 Grand Dessert Professional Hulalà Pristine 700 ml 724 g

    Glass Bicamera Glasses for Cold Creams Natfood

    11.5 cl Thermal Glass

    Article RM 337 Luigi Bormioli

    Pack of 6 glasses

    Creamy coffee cream Natfood

    Creamy is the delicious cold coffee cream created by Natfood, with an unmistakable taste and a delicate and enveloping texture. Velvety, fresh and delicious, Creamy always remains soft, creamy and without ice crystals, because it is born as a competing, ready and stable product.

    Like any cream Natfoodcream, Creamy is denser, more stable and full-bodied than other cold creams on the market, does not swell and is easy to manage.

    Top quality - Gluten-free - Hydrogenated Fat-Free - GMO-Free

    Envelope 500g

    Hulalà Pristine Grand Dessert Professional

    The Pristine Grand Dessert professional hulalà is a long-lasting, sweetened professional spray cream, with excellent milky flavor and a rewarding sensation in the mouth. Exceptional and long-lasting performance, even under the strictest conditions of use. Excellent structure and hold. Ideal for desserts, ice creams, hot drinks, smoothies and fruitries

    Thanks to its high stability, it can be used on hot drinks, made with milk cream, it is already sweetened and is ideal for garnishing ice creams, cold creams, crepes, sweets, coffee.

    Confectionery product with UHT hydrogenated cream and vegetable fats.

    700 ml cylinder - Weight 724 g

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    Box of 6 glasses500g bag700 ml cylinder
    Thermal Glasses Glass BicameraCold CreamSpray Cream
    By Roberto M. on 09 Mar 2020 (Glass Bicamera Glasses for YoCream Cold Creams) :

    Coppette crema di yogurt

    Molto carine fatte di vetro temperato. Mantengono a lungo la temperatura fresca della crema servita.

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