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Vermut is an aromatized wine ideal for preparing cocktails or smooth as an aperitif.

The vermouth drinks mainly as an aperitif and enters the composition of many cockatails, among which famous are the Martini, the manhattan and the Negroni, but can also be used to cook meat. Various kinds of vermouths are usually distinguished by color (red, white and pink) and taste (sweet, dry, extra dry and chined)

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It originates from a selection of Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia, one of the most representative wines of a particularly popular territory. It owes its unmistakable character to a natural extract, result of an original and secret recipe, which includes the use of over 30 herbs, flowers and spices (such as elder, Roman wormwood, cinnamon ceylon, nutmeg, galanga major, bitter orange peel, etc.). From the combination of a wine of great personality with an extract from the many sensorial nuances, a product with a unique character and full taste, rich and definitive, synthesis of creativity, innovation and wine tradition that unite the Veneto to Piedmont.

Alcoholic grade 16%vol

75cl bottle

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Red Turin Vermouth of Professor

The red embodyes the genuine Piedmontese red tradition and comes from a carefully selected base of wines.

The right refinement, for a period of time varying according to the seasons, ensures that the flavors meet harmoniously to reach an unmistakable aroma.

The warm and enveloping scent of wood, balsamic and chin, recalls past pharmaceutical blends and is characterized by hints of wormwood, bitter orange, alpine mint, cloves, and other spices.

It has a full and soft taste and gives a pleasantly bitter and round finish, rhubarb and gentian.

The traditional Piedmont aperitif par excellence.

Alcohol content: 18% vol.

Bottle of 75 cl.

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White Martini

Vermout Martini Bianco, Wine and herbs.

Martini Bianco is the MARTINI par excellence. Known in the past as the Bianchissimo, leaves on the lips a soft note of vanilla.

Winner of numerous awards since 1910, the White Lady is known and loved all over the world.

Vermouth couldn't exist without one of them. Together they ammalian with their taste, aroma, structure and color. Our products are the fruit of the blend of Trebbiano wine from Emilia Romagna and Sicilian Catarratto, to which we add, with the craftsmanship that distinguishes us, extracts and distillates of selected aromatic herbs.

Alcoholic Grade: 14.4% vol

100 cl bottle

Red vermouth belt 100 cl

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Red green belt

Casa Cinzano has written an important chapter in the history of mixing in Italy and the world.

Today the vermouth Cinzano is appreciated everywhere, thanks to its balanced taste made unique by herbs and spices infused in wine.

The recipe is secret but versatile, to try with soda or as an ingredient for cocktails.

Alcohol content: 15% vol.

Format: 100 cl bottle.

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Carpano vermouth classic red

An exceptional product, considered unique by professional barmen because it is the necessary element to create perfect cocktails and as a rule of art.

Can be defined the classic Italian Vermouth, with character Carpano that emerges in the cocktails: decided, with citrus and persistent scents on the palate.

Alcohol content: 16 % vol.

Format: 100 cl bottle

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Carpano vermouth classic white

Rich in scents and fresh. With an unmistakable taste thanks to its special scented bouquet. It is the most elegant and perfumed product of Vermouth Carpano.

Carpano White is of soft yellow colour, with a fresh and complex aroma, in which it is easy to spot the winey note, completed by those citrus fruits and exotic fruits. Fresh cocoa beans and almonds complete the bouquet of this product.

Alcohol content: 14.9%

Format: 100 cl bottle

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Red Martini

Our first love. The original MARTINI®, born from the olfactory talent of Luigi Rossi.

From those sunny days of 1863, a selected range of piedmont aromatic herbs it constitutes the soul, while the natural caramel gives it the typical brown red color. An Italian style icon.

The secret recipe of MARTINI® Rosso is a symphony of aromatic herbs that tell about native lands and distant soils.

Artemisia is a fundamental ingredient, which is still collected a few kilometers from the historical headquarters of Pcession.p>

Alcoholic grade: 14.4% vol.

100 cl bottle

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Martini Special reserve Bitter

Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter goes beyond the idea of bitter: explosive and intense brings in the mouth in addition to the notes to love citrus, herbaceous and floral sensations. To make it unique is the long and pleasant persistence of bitter taste.

Inspired by the recipe of the Martini Bitter of 1872, master mixers have created a modern version of the original.

Fully natural ingredients, including rare botanists such as saffron, angling peel and calumba, create a beautifully complex and balanced flavor perfect for today's definitive Negroni or, alternatively, serve it with ice and fresh grapefruit juice for a delicious and refreshing aperitif.

Alcoholic grade: 28.5% vol.

Format: 70 cl bottle

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Martini Fiero

Martini Fiero it is the last born of the Martini and Rossi house: combines the complexity of aromatic herbs with full taste of oranges mature in the sun.

The ease of mixing and its fruity taste make it perfect for aperitif.

Be an aperitif with Martini Fiero, the citrus notes of MARTINI ® Fiero get married with the flavors of the aperitif. Put together a selection of black and green mixed olives, cured meats and cheeses to tease.

Alcoholic grade: 14.4% vol.

Size: 100 cl bottle

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Vermouth Carpano ancient formula

The fine Vermouth Carpano is the italian vermouth par excellence, with an unmistakable and increasingly international taste, suitable for refined and exclusive cocktails. It is characterized by all other Vermouths for its unique bouquet and its unmistakable notes of vanilla.

Alcohol content: 16,5 % vol.

100 cl bottle

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Extra dry martini

In each drop is enclosed the purity of herbal distillates, woods and citrus fruits that characterize the perfume and taste.

Launched on 1 January 1900 stands out for the pleasing citrus notes interlaced by notes of raspberry. This product makes unique the cocktail that has been dominated by over a century. Dry MARTINI cocktail.

Extract from the depths of the soil where it grows for 3 long years, then naturally dried in the sun. Only time promotes the development, in the roots of Florentine lily, of essential oils that give the slight hint of violet, which contributes to the scent of MARTINI Extra Dry.

Alcoholic Grade: 18% vol.

100 cl bottle

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Martini Special reserve Amber

The presence of Moscato d’Asti within Special reserve Ambrato is an absolute novelty within the vermouth panorama. This is how persistent bitter notes happen to the initial delicacy.

This Vermouth is labored with Italian wines, selected and extracts of aged herbs in wood tines.

The result is a slightly bitter and floral vermouth full of character, perfect for Negroni or even smooth with an ice or with a premium toned water.

Alcoholic grade: 18% vol.

Format: bottle of 75 cl