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Tea The Angelic Institute of Herbalism

Precious blends of tea selected by the Istituto Erboristico L'Angelica.

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Infused Pear and Cinnamon with real fruit Valfrutta

La Speziato and Avvolgente Infuso alla Pera e alla Cannella, spicy and digestive properties thanks to the sweetness of the pear and the properties of cinnamon. Spicy and enveloping, a daily cuddle to be enjoyed in winter and during the holidays, or to serve cold in summer for a healthy snack

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Infusion Smoothie Banana and Cacao

A combination of tastes always loved and wanted: the intense taste of cocoa meets the round sweetness of banana... and a sweet aroma on the final. Ideal at any time of the day, for those who love the strong taste of cocoa and to try a unique and original taste experience!

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Tisana vitality coffee pistachio l'Angelica

The pistachio joins the coffee to give a decided and sweet taste at the same time, creating the perfect balance!

The new line of herbal teas Coffee emotions is a surprisingly new and unique way to taste the unmistakable notes of coffee.

Deriving from grinding and infusion of Coffea seeds, Coffee is a natural energizer rich in benefits from the unique perfume. The Angel chooses ingredients with a refined and delicious taste to match the Coffee, for an amazing emotion!

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Fruit infusion of Bosco with real fruit Valfrutta

Tasty and Revitalizing Infused with the fruit of tasty Bosco and revitalizing properties thanks to the action of Sambuco, Fior di Ibisco e Rosa Canina. Distinguishing and reconstituent, this infusion is great for enjoying a healthy drink with an intense and aromatic taste, also excellent in summer served in cold weather.

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Tea gyokuro at bergamot earl grey l'Angelica

From the selection of the finest Japanese teas, steamed and mixed with inebriating flavors typical of the East, the new line JAPANESE RITUAL TEA is born.

Tea Gyokuri has a fresh and grassy taste and has a particular citrus scent obtained by bergamot that enhances the fresh taste of this special tea.

Gyokuro is considered the finest Japanese green tea with a refined and classic taste.

Packaging: box with 15 filters.

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Box The pleasure of tea 120 filters

All The Angelic teas, all in one package. Let yourself be conquered by the Teas of Wellness and by the great classics.

In the case you can find 20 bags for each of these products:

Slim tea

Tea Energy Breakfast

Antiox tea

Black Tea Earl Grey

Black tea Darjeeling

Green tea

Total 120 Filters packed in perfectly sealed sachets to preserve the valuable components of herbal mixes.

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Genmaicha tea at almond and orange flowers the Angel

Tea Genmaicha was born from the encounter between the leaves of Japanese tea and toasted rice, for a perfect balance with a hazelnut and intense flavor.

The sweet and toasted notes of the almond accompany this mixture giving a balanced taste, deliciously lit on the finish with citrus notes of orange blossoms.

Packaging: box with 15 filters.

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100% pure cocoa

Cocoa emotions, Vitality.

A unique and enveloping infusion that comes from the beans of the precious Cacao, giving the herbal tea an intense and decisive aromatic note. Pure Cacao 95%: the perfect fusion between taste and well-being, for every moment of the day! Great in milk too, try it at breakfast!

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Infusion Mango and pomegranate with real fruit Valfrutta

Delicate and antioxidant Infused with mango and mild pomegranate and antioxidant properties thanks to the benefits of Melograno, Rosa canina and Rooibos. The ideal infusion to support the body’s natural defenses. Serve it in hot or cold water with ice cubes, to get a delicate and refreshing drink.

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Infusion Smoothie Kiwi and Apple Angel

The sweet and refreshing kiwi is combined with the hints of the apple giving a full, intense and enveloping gisto, accompanied by the sweet note of milk for a perfect balance of flavors. An aromatic and lively mix for a pleasant break, for young and old.

Packaging: box of 15 filters x 30 g

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Raspberry cocoa and vanilla herbal tea

Cocoa emotions, antiox.

Cacao and raspberry, a combination that generates a perfect mix: the intense taste of cocoa, known for its antioxidant properties, marries with freshness and sweet taste, but slightly acidic, of raspberry. The scented vanilla note completes the mix for a unique and sophisticated drink! Great in milk too, try it at breakfast!

Packaging: 15 filters box