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Tuc Cracker

Tuc Cracker

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Tuc Cracker and Ritz Mini Exhibitor 5 outer

Large and practical TUC and Ritz Mini counter display, the cracker from the unmistakable taste of TUC ideal for your hunger attack combined with a cult product like Ritz Mini!

In this display there are 4 assorted tastes:

2 Showbox Tuc Original 20 pieces x 31,3 g

1 Showbox Tuc integral 20 pieces x 33,3 g

1 showbox Tuc vents 16 pieces x 32 g

1 Showbox Tuc Ritz Mini 18 pieces x 35 g

The Tuc and Mini Ritz counter display for a total of 94 single-dose sachets, recharges by purchasing the individual TUC packs so you never leave an empty space!

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TUC classic


Few ingredients, 100% natural: extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, flour.

Crunchy baked triangles, so good that one pulls the other.

The secret of their goodness? Simplicity. Ideal for an aperitif or during meals, as well as they are or combined with what you prefer.

Try them together with olive potato or a spreadable cheese.

Taste: Classic. Recipe inspired by the simplicity of bread.

Packaging: Box of 16 32g bags.