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Crunchy bars

Delicious sesame crisp bars. Very good, with simple ingredients, ideal to nibble during a break!

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3BAR Croccanti bar with sesame mixed tastes 50...

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3BAR Crunchy sesame bars

Mixed taste display 50 pieces

Composed of:

10 pcs

10 pcs. Sesame and Chocolate

10 pz. Sesamo Miele and Nuts

10 pz. Sesamo Mandorle e Miele

10 pcs. Sesame Chocolate and Hazelnut

Availability: Out of stock

3BAR Crunchy bars Sesame and Honey

3 bar bars are ideal at any time giornata.Sono a delicious break, a light snack suitable for all ages for a break of pure taste. They are ideal for celiac consumers as gluten-free, and they are absolutely without preservatives.

Gluten free

Pack of 20 pieces from 45g