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San Miguel

Beer San Miguel.

The beer of the Mahou- group-San Miguel founded in 1890 by the Mahou family in Madrid, Spain. The company offers work to about 2,500 employees worldwide and every year more than 1.200.000 hectolitres of beer San Miguel in Europe and the Mediterranean area.

In the catalogue we offer beer San Miguel Special and beer San Miguel Fresh, in boxes of 24 bottles of 33 cl.

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San Miguel Fresh case 24 pieces x 33 cl

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Beer San Miguel Fresh

San Miguel Fresh is a refreshing beer produced by the Mahou-San Miguel in Spain.

San Miguel Fresh comes with pale but bright gold color. The nose has sweet and fruity notes of cereals and hops. On the palate the taste is soft and very refreshing.

The International Brewing Award 2013.

To enjoy the best San Miguel Fresh it is recommended to immerse it in the ice before serving and to drink directly from the bottle adding a slice of lemon.

24 piece Beer cardboard San Miguel Fresh

Alcohol content 4,4 % vol.

Availability: Out of stock

Beer San Miguel Special

Golden yellow color with ancient gold reflections. The smell gives memories of smoked notes based on cereals. In the mouth it is balanced, with a toasted and medium bitter taste; the light toasted barley note stands out. At the retronasal street it appears of medium persistence and maintains notes of licorice.

24 bottle case x 33 cl

Alcohol content 5.4 % vol.