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Salati Preziosi

Salad precious Chips manufacturer with and without surprise inside for young and old!

The brand Salati Preziosi locates a wide range of savoury snacks suitable for all occasions, which cater to consumers of all ages: chips with surprise and not differentiated in various types (classes, grilled and tasty), extruded of corn (corns, rings and crispy balls), pellets (potato peel) and pop horns.

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Fries Stitch Salati Preziosi 24 envelopes x 25 g

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Mais Stitch chips Original surprises Salati Preziosi 24 envelopes x 25 g

Kids Chips & Gadget Line

Immediately for you a beautiful surprise, inside you will find a fantastic surprise!

Surprise: Stitch.

Format: Exhibitor pack 24 sachets 25 g