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Fonzies corn snacks with non fried cheese taste

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The largest expo that includes all the chips produced by Mondelez.

You will have numerous packages of Fonzies snacks, together with the tasty Cipster and the crunchy Yonkers .

The quantity of the individual types of chips and snacks varies from season to season.

Good to know: expo preloaded by the manufacturer, shipped closed, consists of two parts, the base and the expo.

Packaging: 1 floor display containing 116 mixed pieces of Mondelez chips and snacks.

Availability: 4 In Stock


Fonzies chips, the non-fried corn snack to the taste of crispy cheese!

Yonkers not fried cheese snack with a characteristic ring shape, so loved by children.

In a single mixed display!

Paperboard display of fries and yonkers chips

Contains 68 potato chips: Fonzies 40 g (61 pieces), Yonkers 30 g (7 pieces)