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Prepare for cooking

Cooking preparations are dry mixtures of ingredients as flour, sugar, yeast and other additives, which are used to quickly prepare crepes, jaws and waffles. These preparations are packaged in envelopes and, for their preparation, just add a specific amount of water.

Once the water is added to the preparation, it is necessary to stir energetically until all ingredients are well incorporated and a homogeneous mixture is formed. The mixture can be left to rest for a few minutes to allow the yeast to activate.

Pre-mixed cooking preparations are very convenient and allow you to quickly prepare crepes, gaufre and waffles without having to measure the ingredients individually. Moreover, being packed in envelopes, they are also very comfortable to store and carry, making them ideal for occasions where you want to prepare a fast and easy breakfast or brunch.

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Powdered preparation for Waffle and Gaufre Techfood

This mix faithfully reproduces an authentic Belgian recipe, native of the very famous “Gaufres”, in English “Waffles”.

A stew with an unmistakable aroma of vanilla and fruit, slightly crisp on the surface that is usually served take away, stuffed with chocolate creams, jams or “natures” with powdered sugar.

In the ice cream version, it can be stuffed with ice cream and treated with a chocolate cover.

Packaging: 1 kg envelope.

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Powder preparation for Crepe Neutre Techfood

It is prepared for greater use in the field of crêpes because suitable for both sweet and salty products.

It is possible to salt (10 gr. or half a tablespoon per liter of batter) the neutral batter.

It is also possible to pump or salt directly on the stove during the cooking phase in the passage from the liquid to the solid state during cooking, before starting the filling phase.

Packaging: 1 kg envelope

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Powdered preparation for bubble waffle Natfood

Prepared for bubble waffles, just mix with water to prepare the batter for delicious bubble waffles!

New recipe to ensure a good and always fresh product.

Features: tinned wet jar with easy peel opening and plastic cover.

Packaging: 800 g jar

Availability: 10 In Stock

Dust preparation for Crepe Susanna Natfood

Prepared for Crepes ready to prepare delicious crepes!

La crepes Susanna is the queen of take away, ideal for an alternative breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon break or an evening treat.

Features: prepared water base, high yield, ideal for street food, new aluminum jar, shelf life longer than the old version.

Indicative yield: 15 crepes.

Dosage: 800 g of product + 1 liter of gased water.

Format: 800 g jar